Brilliant Blue; Card of the Week 29th December 2014


card 12.29.2014

This is the last of our month long colour card theme – and it’s a beautiful one for holiday and to ring in the New Year!   “Blue” from the Secret Language of Color deck is here in a brilliant, sparkling  blue star, lighting the way towards healing opportunities coming this week and in the New Year.

This isn’t the magical blue fairy from Pinocchio who just swoops in to bestow life and repair what ails us… this is about activating our OWN healing powers and abilities.  This is a wonderful week where we can take healing actions and make choices that are healthful and healing to relationships, problems or situations that are troubling us.   We might be thinking of healing changes we want to make for the whole year (for New Year’s resolutions) but this is also a good week to just focus on those things we might need a little TLC on more immediately.

Blue helps where we need to be calm chaos or excitement or where we need quiet and rest.  It’s at once and expansive and powerful colour, but a peaceful one too. Blue can also be healing in a very special way: it symbolizes clear communication and helping to frame information or news in the proper context. Sometimes there’s a relationship problem at the core of what is really bothering us and sometimes it just takes a little communication to clear it up.   This is not accusatory, demanding or angry communication (which muddies things more) but rather clear, open and honest.

The energy of blue also symbolizes healthy detachment.  In a time when there’s been chaos (or even holiday hubbub and a lot of activities to do) a little detachment can help us return to a sense of peace and normal healthy flow.  Imagine the blue mountains in the distance or the blue sky overhead… these objects aren’t in the foreground where cars are beeping or snow is swirling and mundane things are occurring, instead they’re a little removed from the scene… not invested in the fracas.  Allow your emotions to be like that blue sky this week – in a place of healthy detachment where you can get a wider, broader perspective.

The communication part of “blue”  isn’t just in terms of talking with other people; it can also refer to listening to your body, listening to your thoughts, listening to your emotions and letting them communicate to you.  During the holidays/end of the year, we often have precious little time to touch base with ourselves when relatives are coming and going, when meals are being cooked, when end of year expectations and business is being worked on – so this is the perfect time to listen to your boundaries.  Have fun for the New Year, ring it in in your special way, but it’s also a time for valuing your own space, time and physical needs.

 When it comes to those big New Year resolutions, sometimes it’s best to start small! If you missed it before, here’s a link to my article How To Make New Years Resolutions Stick for Good  (page 42) –  published in Psychic Guidepost Magazine… the electronic edition is free to view online.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

How to make New Years stick

About this deck:   The Secret Language of Colors  by Inna Segal, Published by Blue Angel Gallery –  is a 45 deck card and guide book about using colours for visualisation, creativity and more. 


The Pearl; Card of the week 22nd Dec 2014


card 12.22.2014

This week’s card comes from another colour deck… and the colour is “Pearl”…. iridescent, glimmering white.   The face of the card says “Connect to the Divine”  and what a great card to keep in mind as we head into the holidays!

This week, connecting to the Divine is a theme.  No, this isn’t about having a specific spirituality (though this may apply to those who want to bring their celebrations more in line with the spiritual beliefs of their faith) or religion or even about believing in a “Divine” … it can simply mean connecting to what you find meaningful on a deeper level of heart and soul than just the daily grind.   Whether that’s about Christian Christmas,  or the spiritual reflection at the end of Hanukkah on Dec 24th, the celebration of Yule and the Winter Solstice,  or cultural celebrations like Kwanzaa – it could even be hauling out the Festivus pole and initiating the Feats of Strength.   Whatever spiritual core speaks to you in these times to enrich your understanding and deepen your celebration.   For you, that “divine” connection  might not about a spiritual practice at all… but rather you tapping into your heart wisdom and the love you have for other people as well as yourself no matter what you do or don’t believe in.

Pearls are one of the first “gems” humans found on Earth… and they’ve been prized for millennia. Pearls represent purity,  unity, innocence and wisdom in most cultures.  And isn’t that what a sense of being connected to something bigger than our intellects/brains/egos is all about?   This week we can feel a touch of that Divine purity and wisdom touching our interactions and helping us see the ways we’re really connected. For some of us, the holidays represent a flurry of buying, doing, cooking, arranging and other activities and it’s easy to lose center, to forget where our real connections lie.  This week is a time to remember those TRUE connections and the innocence that we have.   It can help us look outside things that aren’t going the way we want them to, or the world’s ugliest Christmas sweater, or holiday spat…. and remember the TRUTH

Connecting to the Divine isn’t just a solo practice within our own hearts… it is expressed best when we bring that love, truth and connection to OTHERS. Maybe this week can be a week where you reach out with more than a gift card or wrapped present. It can be a time where you give to those you usually don’t give to, and give the most precious gift you have: presence.  Not only this week but in the next weeks and months of the new year.

I hope no matter where you are, who you are, what you believe in, or what you’re doing…. that this week brings you love, joy, peace and connection to those things that matter most to you.   I hope you’re warm, I hope you’re safe.. and I hope your metaphorical stocking is stuffed with all the most awesome GOODIES imaginable.


Happy Holidays, everyone!



About this deck:   The Secret Language of Colors  by Inna Segal, Published by Blue Angel Gallery –  is a 45 deck card and guide book about using colours for visualisation, creativity and more. 

Legacy of Kindness; Card of the Week 15th December 2014


card 12.15.2014

I don’t often post about personal happenings in this spot, but this week’s card (in our month-long “Colourful decks” theme) came through the perfect synchronicity of pulling cards, and it ties into something that I have been feeling today, when sad news hit and thinking about through the month.   For some, December is a time of riding high in the saddle, a bounty of progress and making inroads and positive changes – and for some it represents some heart challenges on a deep level and I’m in the latter category.   In a short period of time, two dear friends have passed away seemingly far too soon  and it’s  made me think a lot about life and the legacy that we give to others in our relatively short time on Earth.

No, this post is not supposed to be a bummer that will make you grasp for the egg nog a little early,  it’s something important!  Throughout these untimely losses, I’ve missed my friends (because even though the spirit and experience of someone lives on longer than physical life, the ability to ring them on the phone, or see them again in person… leaves and indelible etching in the heart) but  I’ve also been thinking a lot about what we leave behind when we’re no longer in the physical world.    I used to wonder “What makes us worthy? What makes us succeed in life?  What’s it all about?”    There were times in my life where I’ve tried to figure it out, and to apply some magic formula.  Ultimately, I have decided that the real formula is so much simpler than I ever thought.

Out value of ourselves changes constantly; … from whether we have the sharpest crayons, to whether we are liked in the 2nd grade, to if we have the right clothes, to if we get in the best schools, to if we have enough money, to if we raise our children to be productive and loving members of society, to if so and so likes us….  the list goes on and on.    But, throughout those changes in  how we identify ourselves as successful (or failing miserably) it seems as though others have a view of us that is entirely outside what we think of ourselves and the yard-stick we measure our lives by.   In spite of our efforts, they come to their experience of us in their own way and in their own time.

I think of Robin Williams again, another person who has succumbed to depression and illness in this year — how he must have sometimes felt failed by life, or that he himself failed – and yet in the days and months after his passing people remember and endless list of memories of his generosity and powerful positive  impact on their lives.  Both of my friends now gone similarly have a wave of brothers, daughters, friends, parents and loved ones streaming forward with the memories of a legacy of kindness, talent and loyalty.   During the adventure and excitement of life, it’s a shame that we often don’t get to see the impact we’re making as we play out the game.

See that gentle, floating, apricot coloured feather? Like George Bailey in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”  – you’re seeing how important you are, not by Clarence the guardian angel or being on the brink, but in seeing the important impact you make on others.  This week, no matter how you’re measuring yourself – whether you’re seeing how much money you have to spend on Christmas presents, or whether you’re considering your contributions to humanity, or whether you’re weighing out your value in some other ego way remember:  the impact you have that MATTERS  is through your kindness, your thoughtfulness in a thousand little things you do every day that you don’t even pay attention to.   You matter to people you don’t think remember you, you matter to people who have barely known you, and you’re much more important than you think.  Time and again, over the last month I’ve heard friends regale in tales of small turns of kindness, thoughtfulness or beauty that I KNOW my friends would be surprised to hear, “So and so remembers THAT? “  — but which stuck for years in the envelope of heart and mind.   From home baked meals, arguments to the PTA,  movie nights to heartfelt conversations long forgotten,  everything stays in the memory of the soul.

This is a really good week to remember how kind you can be, how truly wonderful you really are. THAT is what will be remembered and make an impact on the world in  your presence.     At the end of the day (this day and the last) the thing that matters most is the things we do for others in kindness and love.  This expands on the “compassion” card that came up last month.   It doesn’t matter if you made the perfect holiday roast. It doesn’t.  It doesn’t matter if you sold your house, or got that awesome job. It doesn’t matter if you got the best Disney Frozen toy on Black Friday.    None of the children stepped up to the lecturn and said, “My mom got me a Barbie!” –  it was the time spent with them, the kindness, the fearlessness and the personal interest that matter at the end of the day.

During this time of the year it’s easy to lose sight of things that matter as we’re in the home stretch of 2014.  Keep focused on the things (kindness, being here!) that matter most.. not on the ten billion and one things that don’t.    Applaud all the acts of kindness that you perform regularly and for others, and for your caring communication and thoughtfulness.   You matter a LOT to someone…. a lot of someones, in fact.  So keep spreading your kindness and gifts and remember those near and far who have shared those gifts with you too!   (Maybe an angel somewhere is earning their apricot wings!)


About this deck:  The Angel Feather Oracle Card Deck by Michelle Newton is a 44 card deck available as a deck or on Android and iPhone.


If you or a loved one suffer from depression, or a physical ailment, or overwhelm this holiday season please get help.   Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)