Red Hots; Card of the Week, 1st December 2014

Card 12.2.2014


This month is a colourful month of festivals and lights so I thought it would be great to do a theme of “colour decks” for the month  (as an artist, I find  chromatherapy and colour therapy is really fascinating!)   This week we have a card from Tori Hartman’s Color Wisdom Oracle –  Red.  Red is a primal colour; think fast, red-hot Ferraris,  passion and power.   It represents the urge or need to get things done and to be in a state of MOVEMENT and progress.  But passion, for all its life-giving properties, is not always positive.

Red can also indicate the need to use a little bit of caution (stop signs are red)  when we’re “seeing red.”   This illustration shows both the passionate “heart” of red but also that little red-devil of inflamed emotions.  This week, passion can be your friend… it can help you get things done, and find some much needed “zing” with which you can approach projects and it can be that inexorable call back to your own hear and soul.   Let passion play across the fields of your mind and excite you about things from romance to work this week.. but make sure you’re listening to your heart and not that little red devil.

When we’re in “passion” mode fear can get inflated. We say and do things we would not otherwise in the heat of the moment.  We size other people up in light of the “devil on our shoulder” telling us that a relationship or friendship is sour and not worth saving, that a family member is in the wrong, or that things are bad.    With more passion, fear gets amplified and what started out as the cute little devil like the one on a can of ham, becomes a roaring monster poking you with his pitchfork and irritating your mind throughout the day.   Without some caution you could do, or say, something you don’t mean. Consider this passion carefully because you can say something that is hard to take back.   Likewise, if you encounter someone around you who is angry,  keep in mind that they’re reacting out of fear instead of heart wisdom.

Shrink the little red-devil by considering your reactions and facing your fears… being excited is a positive form of passion as long as its balanced out by wisdom and tuning into that other important red-thing: your heart.  As you go about your week, it might help to hold that image of a glowing heart and a cute red-devil in your mind’s eye and ask, “am I reacting from my heart and positive passion, or are my fears poking me with a pitchfork?”  If you feel a lot of “grrrrr… I just want to give up on everyone” that just might be your passion-energy trying to find a more productive home than being angry or focusing on fear.  What else could you get passionate about?

With all this passion energy moving around it’s a great time to create a red-letter day of success and to paint the town red (alright, enough with the idioms!)

Have a great week!


About this deck:     Color Wisdom Oracle by Tori Hartman and illustrated by Gretchen Raisch-Baskin was published by Jupiter Press (I think it’s out of print as of this writing).   The deck has a really interesting set of stories, fables, and exercises for inner and outer connection (which I haven’t personally investigated very much) but the deck is quite cute and inventive. 

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