Inspiration; Card of the Week 8th December, 2014

card 12.8.2014

Continuing our month-long theme of festive COLOURS, this week’s card comes to us from the “Dreaming In Color Luman Deck” deck by Mindy Hope Sommers.      Inspiration!

Take a look at the colours in this card…  the spark of creativity is represented in  creamy peach and orange melds with flickers of yellow for focus, black and deep purple, almost indigo,  dance across the middle and represent spiritual connection to creativity, focus and balance.  All good ingredients when inspiration comes knocking.

You never know how, or why, you’ll be inspired. Sometimes it’s something that wakes you up in the middle of the night in a flurry of “AHA!!!” … but it might just nudge into your mind gently, subtly, between bites of toast and marmalade in the morning.  It may be an inner inspiration, or a dawning realisation or it could be an event or happening that inspires you.   However it arrives, it’s here to give you a burst of new life, new meaning, new understanding and new ideas.

For some of us, there have been signs of things “triggering” some of the funny-bone issues or insecurities that most pluck on our heart-strings.  Maybe a relative says something that picks up on an old feeling of insecurity, or an old postcard crosses your desk and causes you to think back on your past-self unkindly. Sometimes these events are inspiring us to look at the ways we think about these old “triggers” or issues.   Are we seeing things accurately when we feel triggered? Or are we using the event to see ourselves through how we imagine someone else to have seen us, or how we imagine someone else to be seeing us now?  The decisions we make about that, whether that’s painful or not says a lot about how we view ourselves right now.   The way we imagine other people’s view of us often reflects what we think of ourselves.   Use those inspirations accordingly.  If something is tickling a memory, or nudging something forward for you to look at… maybe it’s an inspiration!

The word “inspiration” comes from the Latin root inspirationem/spirare   — “to blow, breathe, inhale” …. (think  about the word “respiration”) … and the word “Spirit”  is based on this root as well, “Breathing the breath of God, the force of life” … this week your spirit is breathing some much needed inspiration into your life and you’ll be calling on this spark to help you contain and use the passionate energies within you.   Projects might get a huge boost of inspiration, problems might find that one nagging solution, your great new amazing invention or idea can breathe new life into what you wish to accomplish this week.

You can also greatly INSPIRE and motivate others.. not because (just as with last week) you’re ramming your ideas down someone else’s throat or forcing your will, or trying hard…. but because you’re grooving to your OWN inspirations and dreams and, without even trying, lighting the path for others to follow

Have a wonderful week of inspiration!


About this deck:    Dreaming In Color Luman Deck by Mindy Hope Sommers is published by Dreaming in Color  is a deck of ethereal fractal images and colours with keywords.  It could be used for meditation, inspiration or divination.

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