The Pearl; Card of the week 22nd Dec 2014


card 12.22.2014

This week’s card comes from another colour deck… and the colour is “Pearl”…. iridescent, glimmering white.   The face of the card says “Connect to the Divine”  and what a great card to keep in mind as we head into the holidays!

This week, connecting to the Divine is a theme.  No, this isn’t about having a specific spirituality (though this may apply to those who want to bring their celebrations more in line with the spiritual beliefs of their faith) or religion or even about believing in a “Divine” … it can simply mean connecting to what you find meaningful on a deeper level of heart and soul than just the daily grind.   Whether that’s about Christian Christmas,  or the spiritual reflection at the end of Hanukkah on Dec 24th, the celebration of Yule and the Winter Solstice,  or cultural celebrations like Kwanzaa – it could even be hauling out the Festivus pole and initiating the Feats of Strength.   Whatever spiritual core speaks to you in these times to enrich your understanding and deepen your celebration.   For you, that “divine” connection  might not about a spiritual practice at all… but rather you tapping into your heart wisdom and the love you have for other people as well as yourself no matter what you do or don’t believe in.

Pearls are one of the first “gems” humans found on Earth… and they’ve been prized for millennia. Pearls represent purity,  unity, innocence and wisdom in most cultures.  And isn’t that what a sense of being connected to something bigger than our intellects/brains/egos is all about?   This week we can feel a touch of that Divine purity and wisdom touching our interactions and helping us see the ways we’re really connected. For some of us, the holidays represent a flurry of buying, doing, cooking, arranging and other activities and it’s easy to lose center, to forget where our real connections lie.  This week is a time to remember those TRUE connections and the innocence that we have.   It can help us look outside things that aren’t going the way we want them to, or the world’s ugliest Christmas sweater, or holiday spat…. and remember the TRUTH

Connecting to the Divine isn’t just a solo practice within our own hearts… it is expressed best when we bring that love, truth and connection to OTHERS. Maybe this week can be a week where you reach out with more than a gift card or wrapped present. It can be a time where you give to those you usually don’t give to, and give the most precious gift you have: presence.  Not only this week but in the next weeks and months of the new year.

I hope no matter where you are, who you are, what you believe in, or what you’re doing…. that this week brings you love, joy, peace and connection to those things that matter most to you.   I hope you’re warm, I hope you’re safe.. and I hope your metaphorical stocking is stuffed with all the most awesome GOODIES imaginable.


Happy Holidays, everyone!



About this deck:   The Secret Language of Colors  by Inna Segal, Published by Blue Angel Gallery –  is a 45 deck card and guide book about using colours for visualisation, creativity and more. 

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