Brilliant Blue; Card of the Week 29th December 2014


card 12.29.2014

This is the last of our month long colour card theme – and it’s a beautiful one for holiday and to ring in the New Year!   “Blue” from the Secret Language of Color deck is here in a brilliant, sparkling  blue star, lighting the way towards healing opportunities coming this week and in the New Year.

This isn’t the magical blue fairy from Pinocchio who just swoops in to bestow life and repair what ails us… this is about activating our OWN healing powers and abilities.  This is a wonderful week where we can take healing actions and make choices that are healthful and healing to relationships, problems or situations that are troubling us.   We might be thinking of healing changes we want to make for the whole year (for New Year’s resolutions) but this is also a good week to just focus on those things we might need a little TLC on more immediately.

Blue helps where we need to be calm chaos or excitement or where we need quiet and rest.  It’s at once and expansive and powerful colour, but a peaceful one too. Blue can also be healing in a very special way: it symbolizes clear communication and helping to frame information or news in the proper context. Sometimes there’s a relationship problem at the core of what is really bothering us and sometimes it just takes a little communication to clear it up.   This is not accusatory, demanding or angry communication (which muddies things more) but rather clear, open and honest.

The energy of blue also symbolizes healthy detachment.  In a time when there’s been chaos (or even holiday hubbub and a lot of activities to do) a little detachment can help us return to a sense of peace and normal healthy flow.  Imagine the blue mountains in the distance or the blue sky overhead… these objects aren’t in the foreground where cars are beeping or snow is swirling and mundane things are occurring, instead they’re a little removed from the scene… not invested in the fracas.  Allow your emotions to be like that blue sky this week – in a place of healthy detachment where you can get a wider, broader perspective.

The communication part of “blue”  isn’t just in terms of talking with other people; it can also refer to listening to your body, listening to your thoughts, listening to your emotions and letting them communicate to you.  During the holidays/end of the year, we often have precious little time to touch base with ourselves when relatives are coming and going, when meals are being cooked, when end of year expectations and business is being worked on – so this is the perfect time to listen to your boundaries.  Have fun for the New Year, ring it in in your special way, but it’s also a time for valuing your own space, time and physical needs.

 When it comes to those big New Year resolutions, sometimes it’s best to start small! If you missed it before, here’s a link to my article How To Make New Years Resolutions Stick for Good  (page 42) –  published in Psychic Guidepost Magazine… the electronic edition is free to view online.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

How to make New Years stick

About this deck:   The Secret Language of Colors  by Inna Segal, Published by Blue Angel Gallery –  is a 45 deck card and guide book about using colours for visualisation, creativity and more. 


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