The Mime; Card of the Week 12th January 2014

card 1.12.2015

I just love this week’s card!   For the past few weeks I’ve been seeing a lot of themes with friends and clients that reflect on putting our past selves into a new perspective in a brand new relationship or place,  and making new choices. Also, a lot of themes of old energies, people, places, times, eras and chapters making a surprising reappearance in some form or another.  For some of folks, it’s a person from the past literally stepping out of the fog and into their lives, in others it’s a sense of “de-ja vu” – where something that happened before a long time ago seems to be happening yet again.    Only make no mistake about it– this time IS different.    Things may seem to be repeating in that spiral (either mentally, emotionally, or otherwise) but you, and the people around you are vastly different.    This is happening so often, in fact, and with so many people… I feel it’s a tremendous energetic opportunity in general energy.

From the Little White Book,  — it says the Mime is on our journey to soothe our psyche…

“Like a ram, she batters loose the memories of past experiences and returns them to mindfulness. The Mime then provides support to reconcile these memories through compassionate listening and sound advice. The mime is a wonderful card to have.”

Recalling all these memories, and even putting the past into perspective is what this card is all about. The past is over, only the new part of your life remains.  Memories are there to instruct and teach us and mindfulness can keep us from repeating the same territory.    I also notice that in the picture the mime is hanging out with her buddy the bighorn sheep… who loves to climb mountains and ascend to new territories. This isn’t any stay-in-a-cave, hide-from-the-world ruminant…   this sheep’s going up, up and up!   This is a card that says we are heading to new places and new vistas. That bird in the left hand corner, and the butterfly in the right twinkling in their rainbow coats say the same thing, “new metamorphosis, new perspectives, new places”  — a continuous call to not forget the new for whatever the past is trying to teach us.  Listen with compassion to what we felt before and listen to the new signals around us.

This also means that we’re not really being asked to join up with the past or go down any of our “same old roads” (emotional habits)  as we did before.  Maybe someone familiar from the old world is near you, maybe you are reflecting on de-ja-vu, or embracing a new relationship that somehow reminds you of what came before… this card is here to remind you that you are still heading off into your own adventures, your own new direction.  Nothing (and nobody) should be standing in the way of that.  Using your heart wisdom instead of irrational thoughts, over-thinking,  or need-based hopes will keep you grounded.  It’s not time to fly off the rails or jump to conclusions (positive or negative), be crazy, rash, or leap without looking.   We have a lot of wonderful energy helping us to listen, look, and be aware this week. Gently picking our way up, up, up.

This is also a wonderful week to follow instincts. I was drawn to use this same deck again but part of me thought, “Well I should use a different deck every week.”  — why?   Sometimes it’s good to listen to our instincts and not over-think them.

About this deck:  This week’s card is from the beautifully painted Chrysalis Tarot illustrated by Holly Sierra and written by Toney Brooks. Published by US Games (and available by Fools Dog on Android and Apple).  I was attracted to this deck based on the really unique and whimsical representation of traditional tarot themes and the magnificent artwork.  It’s a very special and unique deck!