The Garden Party: Card of the week 19th January, 2015

card 1.20.2015

The garden in this week’s card is a happy and beneficial one.    It relates to meeting, fetes, parties,  get-togethers and social functions. We might find ourselves in the middle of a cosmic “mixer” this week, one in which we get a glimpse into a new garden of friendship, opportunity and love.  It’s about being with the people you belong with.

On the job-site, this get-together theme represents team playing instead of flying solo or keeping to your own office.  While there are definitely times when we have to go off on solo missions to invent or to solve problems, this is not one of those times. Let your ideas and contributions fly out to the group. By the same token, allow others to bring their ideas to the table. You might be surprised by who has an amazing idea this week!

This is a week there’s also the energy of clarity in communication that can help you convene over mutual goals and connect with others. At the same time, greater clarity can also let you be aware of what doesn’t serve you. At times this clarity might feel like a burden, but it’s important to allow yourself to listen and accept the limitations of others, or listen your own  inner guidance to let go of something that might have held you back from seeing your light.

Luckily, with communication and gathering as themes in the foreground, friends and friendships are a great resource this week. Connection, friendship and camaraderie can help you gain perspective. It’s time to hang out with the gang and have a night in. Even if you can’t or don’t spend time with a group of friends this week, bonding with friends can still be important.  An online chat, a one-on-one lunch, meetings with friends can be beneficial.

Convening and gathering can also represent taking a class or attending a seminar or conference.  If there’s a knitting group you’ve thought about joining, a Star Trek/My Little Pony-con, or a Tibetan poetry class you’ve been thinking about taking, this might be your week to find birds of a feather!  This is especially true if you’ve spent any part of the last few months feeling isolated, left out, or not quite with the right “ilk”

As with all the ‘cards of the week’, this one is a theme to think about and consider. It’s not about forces landing in your lap, it’s about the choices you make in your day to day life.  Along those lines, have you been excluding yourself on any level from meeting new friends? Have you had a false loyalty to the old? Is there someone you know who needs to be invited into a circle of friends?  This is a good week to make choices about those things and dance in a glorious new garden.

About this deck:  The Dondorf Lenormand is a reproduction of a German 19th century Lenormand set of 36 cards. The classic images are typically read in combination to give insight and information.