The Thunder Dragon; card of the week 26th January 2015

Once upon a time, a little boy named Wu lived with his father and grandmother on a  farm.   A mysterious youth, riding what seemed to be a glimmering steed,  graced their presence one fine day.  After hospitalities, refreshments and conversation,  the stranger bid them all adieu adding, “I’ll see you again soon, Wu.”      Marveling at the intriguing visitor, Wu, his father and grandmother decided they’d been visited by a Spirit.  (Wasn’t his garment without seams? Wasn’t his “horse” very large and shiny? How was it that they both seemed to float in mid-air?)    The family  decided this must be some kind of wonderful sign, but before they could think about it too much, a rumble tore across the sky and a huge storm rained down upon their area destroying everything in sight but their little farm!   Looking up they spied a great dragon shielding them from the downpour.   (The visitor had been riding a dragon? Wow it all made sense now!)   Returning to Wu a few days later, the dragon-rider presented him with a glowing and gleaming  dragon scale in a lacquered box, thanking him.   Soon the Emperor himself visited, feeling that the dragon imparted the boy with special powers, designated his place as the Palace magician.  The boy lived a happy life, helping others be safe.  He  never forgot the wonderful dragon gift.

Many of us have been receiving gifts!  In the last few days I’ve received a ton of emails from friends and clients about strange and miraculous things gelling together to create the optimum magic for something amazing to happen.  Some of you have gotten windfalls, people have shown up with resources and answers, and, it seems, dragons have been raining scales all over the place lately!  For some of us, the “gifts” are more internal than external. We’re seeing realities that maybe we were afraid to see before, or were uncomfortable to embrace, we’re lifting the veil on important elements that help our alchemical powers transform what has been the status quo – into the NEW way we want to be. And that’s awesome, if not a little painful sometimes.

This week you’ll notice that gifts are trying to capture your notice.  Like Wu, you have a box that holds the key to accessing hidden concepts, beliefs and powers that can help give back to your world.  The dragons in the story represent mental powers and potentials, the very quality of our wise teachers.  Maybe those teachers aren’t just outside your head, but INSIDE as well.  The glow that comes from that gift is lighting up the room, just like in this picture.  Like Wu, wearing his golden/orange outfit (the colour of enthusiasm, creativity and excitement) you’re ready to dig in, to discover new gifts and let them shine.  Even the storm-clouds over head (which represents our fears)  contain magical dragons hoping to help us (look closely at the picture, at the top of the picture and near Wu’s face? … see them now?)     There’s magic and help everywhere this week.

Keep in mind, there’s some discipline and focus required when we unpack a new gift.  We can’t give up on ourselves too quickly.  This is not the time to take that dragon scale out of the box, play with it for a little while, and then toss it in the corner  closet alongside the guitar, the Wi-Fit and the half-filled notebook of ideas.   Once you get those gifts, whether they’re practical or insights, don’t give up on making them come alive in practical reality!  After all, magic is just a fantasy if you don’t let it come into the real world.

Did you take any classes or get new information last week? If so, this could be a time of really seeing some special gifts and talents that YOU alone have that can bring the material to life. Are you working on relationships this week? If you’re thinking about relationships a lot, what are some of your gifts that are begging to not be ignored now? What special gifts have come to you lately? What new insights were you gifted lately about patterns to change in yourself to more effectively groove with all the wonderful magical things around you?   What magic can YOU bring and share to others?

About this deck:  The Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt is a 78 card deck and accompanying  book published by Llewellyn Publications. This beautifully illustrated deck combines the traditional tarot with a spin from Fairy Tales and folklore.  Very inventive and great for anyone that likes folklore, archetypal stories, and myths.  Unfortunately, it’s no longer in print (which means physical copies are selling for like 800 bucks on Amazon –ha!) – but you may find these from time to time in book sales and you can get the Fools Dog app for iPhone and Android