The Fairy Fishermen: Card of the Week, 16th February 2015

A Maori legend:   Once upon a time,  a young man named Kahukura visited a new place that had haunted his dreams; a village near the sea called Raniaowhia.  There he found fish aplenty piled neatly in the sand. He was perplexed though, because the fish seemed too numerous to have come from a spear and there were footprints in the sand that had been left sometime during the night instead of during the day when men went out in canoes.   He thought,  No mortal person could do all this, it must be fairies!

He returned in the night-time and found luminous fairies working their beautiful nets in the tide, catching many shining mackerels.   He went amongst them to help (being fair, he glowed in the moonlight like a fairy and they didn’t notice he wasn’t one of them) and helped them make the haul of the night. As he struggled to string his fish on his last reed, the fairies called out to come ashore, to finish up before the sun rises.

As he struggled with his last fish,  the fairies rushed to his aid to tie off his string of fish. The golden sun broke over the waves and they saw in the dim morning light that Kahukura was a human and dashed away in confusion, leaving their net behind.   Kahukura studied the beautiful patterns in the net, and taught his children and others how to make such fine nets that no-one ever needed to go hungry or catch fish one by one again.

This week’s card speaks of success and good things to come, success, wonderful solutions, and sharing your gift with others.    In the glow of a silvery moon floating above, fairy fisherman work their net in the dark ocean waters.  The water symbolizes the current of emotion and unconscious influences, and the net represents a manifestation of those dreams, desires and forces in the material world at the surface.   The fish represent material success but also the flow of ambition, confidence and success.     The shells in the sand represent abundance and the fairies dancing in the surf with their net made of star-shaped knots, of solutions and answers.

Right now, it seems most of us are falling into one of two camps.  The excited, “I feel it! I can just FEEL IT!” camp who can tell that the changes we’ve all been dealing with are going to be good ones, and the “I have a sense of dread” camp who are just not entirely sure if things are good or if there’s a great disturbance in the Force.  Some of us are even bouncing back and forth in an indecisive arc. That’s ok.   This is a good week to feel a little more clarity around everything where we can get the new solution (or start of the new solution) on that sense of direction!

Like Kahukura , this week we’re allowing our visions and unconscious dreams to tug us to a new place or new environment within  so we can LEARN a new technique or two and that, in turn, can help us be more abundant and feel more success.  This is not the time to plop down in front of the TV and wait for the Law of Attraction to manifest a 40 foot yacht in your backyard.  This is not how it works.  Notice how fairy magic in this story was less fairy dust and more the practical magic of learning to make a net.   This is a call to take note of the subtle energies within you, and to focus on possibilities, but to ACT ON behalf of your own success as well.   Take yourself out of the routine and attempt to learn some new technique and patterns that you can use. Worrying, fretting, or working on the same old junk won’t get you anywhere no matter how fake-new or immediate the old problems seem when they arise in your heart.   Get help in accessing that NEW education.

Just like the six of pentacles in the standard tarot deck, this card about success also speaks to our capacity to GIVE help as well as get help.  Kahukura helped the fairies, the fairies helped him, and he taught his net-weaving craft to many people.  This is not a time to be stingy with the solutions you’re getting or the abundance you’re pulling in.   (The abundance and good things coming in with the tide are NOT relegated to only this week, but rather a theme that will evolve over the next weeks to come)

Yay! So get on your metaphorical fishing hat, grab your tartar sauce*, and head to that new shore so that you dance in the moonlight and find a little bit of the fairy magic you need to shine your gifts to others!

Have a great week!

About this deck:  The Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt is a 78 card deck and accompanying  book published by Llewellyn Publications. This beautifully illustrated deck combines the traditional tarot with a spin from Fairy Tales and folklore.  Very inventive and great for anyone that likes folklore, archetypal stories, and myths.  Unfortunately, it’s no longer in print (which means physical copies are selling for like 800 bucks on Amazon –ha!) – but you may find these from time to time in book sales and you can get the Fools Dog app for iPhone and Android

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