Violet Balance; Card of the Week 9th March 2015

card 3.9.2015

What a great card for this week.  We’re all feeling a little “high frequency” and violet is a high frequency colour. No, I don’t mean in a metaphysical sense, I mean actual measurement of electromagnetic energy: violet light vibrates at the highest level of energy for visible light, around 750 trillion Hertz and a wavelength of 400 nm.   (Above that you get into ultra-violet, x-ray and gamma radiation).   What better shade for  when a lot of us are feeling a lot of busy “Traffic” in our lives, and as we feel energy zipping, sometimes uncontrollably, around us leaving us feeling like we’re on a roller coaster or out of the loop.

This week, violet’s energy focuses on creating a balanced life as we swing between NO MOTION and LOTS OF MOTION.  Everything tries to seek balance.  And sometimes we have to take an active role, more than usual,  to create balance and harmony.  For some people, organization is an anathema. Meals are had whenever, things sometimes get done at the last minute in a brilliant burst of effort, there’s “creative chaos” in a work-space and burning the midnight oil is perfectly fine. For others, organization is a way of life.  Lists and plans distribute tasks, and special containers hold do-dads, uniformity and schedules help things happen at maximum efficiency.  (You know which you are most of the time, even if you’re a combination of the two.)

This week, those of you who colour code your socks might be called to balance out with a little chaos – things might not fit into your neatly assigned order and you’ll have to go with the flow in ways that seem a little messy.  You might be so busy that the yellow shirts have to be mixed in with green and blue, or not as neatly folded. Those of you who get things done piecemeal in a sudden burst of adrenaline before a deadline might find your tried and true last minute saves fail you.  It might be time to clean and organize that creative chaos, get to bed early, and fold your socks.   In other words, your own unique pendulum might be swinging just a little bit more widely and need a little more balance than usual.

For just about everyone, TLC, solidity, healing and rest are all BIG messages for this week. Next few weeks will have us hopping so creating physical and emotional balance is a must. Here’s the thing though.. some of us might be kind of waiting for things to balance out – as if it will happen by magic.  “I’m trying the same old stuff and I feel out of whack, I guess I’ll keep doing the same thing and hope it will balance out”  or  “I’m pushing myself to stay up late, but I’m sure I’ll sleep later I’m sure” or, “I’m picking emotional scabs and telling myself negative scripts, but I hope it will get better soon.”     Will it?

Passivity is simply not working for us this month, at all (the more we try it the worse it will hurt)  so using this week to try on our violet-hued active-voice/active-empowerment duds can be amazing!    We can’t force ourselves to sleep but we can certainly try to give ourselves space to rest and sleep.  Our emotions flow freely on their own too, but we can certainly allow them to exist without judgement, but to also move towards others and create positive things to focus on.    Trying new things can be done by trying new things and then being PATIENT for them to take hold.    Achieving balance and giving yourself TLC, time, and structure takes a little work  but the gifts are wonderful.

The law of balance says that every work we take on comes with a blessing and a gift, and every gift comes with a little bit of work.  ( A new stir fry wok?  Woo!  I better learn how to make stir-fry!)   Luckily balance and harmony are trying to help us this week strike the right balance of those two.  Violet energy is flowing all around us. Said to be transformative, inspiring  and healing, violet used to be the colour of royalty.   Grab your fancy, regal vestments dyed in Tyrian  purple,  polish up your scepter and rule the violet roost with balance and grace!


About this deck:   The Secret Language of Colors  by Inna Segal, Published by Blue Angel Gallery –  is a 45 deck card and guide book about using colours for visualisation, creativity and more.