Rewards and Growth; card of the week 23rd March 2015



card 3.23.2015


Ah the best laid schemes of mice and men…..      I drew this card on Sunday intending to post it before my absence on Monday but it didn’t work out.  So, since this week’s blog is a day late (this week’s schedule has been upended by orthopaedic surgery for a family member yesterday) I picked an extra card. They’re both excellent and reflect a bit of change to last week’s difficult (albeit amazing) energy and feeling of drift – the two of them together reinforce the same message:  recognition and growth! Especially around projects or business.

In the first card, Three of Pentacles from the amazingly funny Housewives Tarot, we see a 1950s can-do gal building up a shelf to put her finest Fiestaware plates.  She’s so crafty, she’s measured out the exact dimensions of her dishes and has figured out how to make the very best shelf. All her hard work, planning and execution is coming to fruition and she’s being recognised for all her hard work and effort. She’s the envy of the neighbourhood.   The first phase of her kitchen make-over is complete and she takes in the adulation and glory. Of course there’s more to do…. there’s that pink Amana “Store More” fridge she’s had her eye on, but for  right now she’s admiring the successful completion of part of her project and enjoying the rewards.

This card gives us some ideas about creative building, business or project work.  Successful collaboration, planning and reaping rewards are all possible keywords. Continue to work and build on dreams, and yes – it may be a work in progress, but ultimately success and prosperity await.  For those who are at a “completion” phase of the project, recognition and merit may be pouring forth.

How great is the second bonus card? (drawn from the Angel Feather Oracle) is the copper feather indicating BUSINESS Growth?  WOO!

card 3.23.2015 2


By no means does this mean that growth and hard work are rewards only for the elements of career or business, this could apply to other projects, charitable works, creative enterprises, or just about anything else you’ve been working hard on.  Since these cards aren’t about things just magically happening TO you, maybe this is a great week to think about doing that hard work and planning to put up that shelf, or even to start working on the shelf in the first place.  (Those radioactive uranium-red Fiestaware plates have to live somewhere!)  It doesn’t have to be “business” related.  It could be a closet that is calling to you, a painting that wants to be painted or finished, or something else under your creative persuasion. It can even be creative “work” within your relationships.   — Have fun, and stay in a place of focus and enthusiasm in the post-Eclipse week.

The events of the last week (with surgery a success and awesome nurses and rehabilitation specialists  helping a feisty member of the family back to blasting steps on her pedometer hopefully soon) have made me think about how we live in an era of amazing and marvellous innovations:  we can get new knees, new hips, new starts, new growth, new ideas and tools and support for just about everything are available to us. Now, it definitely doesn’t always feel that way but stop and think about how tough earlier generations had it.  There’s no reason why we should hide our enthusiasm (or our hard work) from this panoply of abundance and possibilities.


Have a great one!


About these decks:   The Angel Feather Oracle Card Deck and Guide Book by  Michelle Newton is a sweet, 44 card deck with inspirational messages available as actual cards or for your iPhone or Android device by Indie Goes software.

The Housewives Tarot by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum is published by Quirk Publishing.   This is really a fun deck  which comes in a recipe  box style container with 78 cards and a great book.  The mobile version for Android and iPhone by is equally amazing and complete.      This writing, illustrating duo (graphic designers) have put together one of the cheekiest  odes to the Tarot, Mid-Century Modern and 50’s cultural kitsch ever!  You get unique spreads  (like the “Martini”)  and the deck even comes with vintage recipes.   Way gone, Daddy-o!