The Phoenix Rises; Card of the Week 20th April 2015


card 4.20.2015


The Phoenix is a wonderful bird.  She can bust into flames and emerge from the ashes of destruction and change with her plumage even more sparkling, more bright, more colourful.  And while not all of us have crashed and burned, most of us HAVE been undergoing a lot of change and the radical (sometimes ashy)  undoing of previous patterns.   For you, maybe it’s that the era of being single might be ending, or jobs might be changing, or relationships undergoing total metamorphosis.  Homes may be selling, or old paths abandoned.   This week, we’re starting to experience the essence of  the Phoenix, not the burning part, the REGENERATING part:

Author Toney Brooks says,  “This archetype is about lessons learned, order restored and the dawn of a new day…. She indicates high energies of inspirational consciousness stirring in your life. She heralds a time of resolution and restoration…”   Things have been crazy, some of your old feathers might have burned away (if not some entire part of you) and you’re now seeing the restoration, the lessons learned from the past 6 months and you’re to move towards the emotions, thoughts and actions that guide you back to shaking all your full tail feathers and letting them glow!

Restoration and resolution indicates that the awareness you’re receiving (or maybe did during the “seeing” theme of last week?)  are helping you to gain a foothold on what comes NEXT instead of staying in the fires and ashes any longer.

In the myth of the Phoenix, only one Phoenix can exist at one time.  When, after 1000 years or so, it feels like “death” is coming, it is consumed by fire… and out of the ashes, a new Phoenix, a new version of itself — brilliant and new, emerges.   In this same way,  we’re often occupied by one great theme or happening at a time, one version of ourselves makes way for a new one.  And now the new bird, our new selves is coming out into the sun!

What creative ways can you allow this restoration to happen this week? In what ways can you encourage resolution of the old ashes and embrace the new glitz of your new feathers?   It’s always a good idea to look at what we’ve learned, to allow ourselves to move FORWARD.. and there’s never been a better time than the present.  All that inspiration and energy buzzing (perhaps uncomfortably) in your veins is at an all time high… what will you DO with all that energy?  Sticking your beak back down in the nest and trying to pretend that you’re still on fire, or that you’re an ash-lump probably won’t work.   This week is all about regeneration choices!


Have an amazing week drinking in the rising and restoration!  And speaking of Phoenix rising from the ashes, fittingly, my FB page  is being recreated after a looong absence in a new form to feature more articles, art and daily features:


about this deck:  About this deck:  This week’s card is from the beautifully painted Chrysalis Tarot illustrated by Holly Sierra and written by Toney Brooks. Published by US Games (and available by Fools Dog on Android and Apple).  I was attracted to this deck based on the really unique and whimsical representation of traditional tarot themes and the magnificent artwork.  It’s a very special and unique deck!


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