Flax Flower Card of the Week; 4th May 2015

card 5.4.2015


This a great card from the plant version of the Druid Plant Oracle (last week we saw a card from the Animal Oracle by the same author/illustrator).    I’ve had some really inspirational nature walks where wonderful ideas were communicated to me.  Coincidentally enough, two of the most special  “inspiration” walks both happened on trails or roads (in both UK and US)  named after the FLAX plant with its delicate blue flowers.

It’s no wonder that’s what this week’s card is symbolically about: communication.   Flax has been spun into linen for thousands of years.  The “patroness” of Flax, according to this deck, is Arianhod the Goddess of the silver spinning wheel of the celestial sky that spins the web of connectedness and fate of us all. Flax has been woven into the sails that have taken ships across the seas, and made the fine linen papers humanity first started expressing ideas on.   Flax is emblematic of communication and connection.  Even the colour blue represents communication and interconnection.

This week, your ability (necessity?) to communicate  is in focus and it can be amazingly satisfying!   If we’re all caught up in Arianhod’s web of connectivity – what are you sending out across that web?  We’re all tapping signals out on a big “web” of connection and what we send out, inevitably comes back.   (Which is why, if someone taps out an angry, reactionary missive… it’s so easy and tempting  to tap back something irate in return  and feed right into the argument with your own anger).  This week you might be called to think about that communication web and how you respond to the signals you get, and what signals you send out.     Especially if you’ve been looking for opportunities or help in the start up phases of a new chapter.

And it’s not just the usual stuff about communication that we always hear about.  Clarity and openness  is one thing to think about when it comes to communication (are you really communicating your real feelings effectively? We sometimes use huge emotion to dampen our effective communication.  Or perhaps we use passive aggression, flattery, or anger because we don’t want to speak clearly)   but that’s  only one part of the puzzle.      This week, think MACRO, not micro.

This kind of “marco” communication is not about all the right words you say, or who you are talking to specifically but about how you communicate yourself to the world around you in general.    For example, if you want job opportunities, or more love in your life (or dating life) – and you don’t have your new boss right in front of your face or some great new boyfriend on the phone with you right this minute,  then  how are you communicating your loving nature or your capacity for hard work into the world around you right now?  For real?    How do you feel? How do you carry yourself?   How are you contributing overall?

Sending positive contributions OUT can help you get some positive contributions coming back your way. Plus, if you are having a bad day or a tough moment, that focus on communicating your REAL YOU to no one in particular can really help you feel more energized, and more engaged.

Communication IS NOT always  perfectly thought out words either. It’s not always in “thinking” about how to portray ourselves to specific people  that communicating our true selves can emerge.   It can be gestures, silliness, whimsy,  verbal, and non-verbal clues.  In fact, you’re communicating yourself all the time to everyone around you! Even your energy speaks for you.  Don’t take yourself too seriously this week, and you might get some clues about how you’re really communicating your YOU to the world around you  lately, and in what way you can switch things around and send out positive messages and influences.   What you communicate on this level has the most direct bearing on what comes back your way later on!



About this deck:   The Druid  Plant Oracle is a a 36 card deck   by Stephanie Carr-Gomm, Philip Carr-Gomm and illustrated by the talented Will Worthington. Perfect for meditation or inspiration,  It’s published by St. Martin’s Press.

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