If you build it… Card of the week, 11th May 2015

card 5.11.2015

There’s an inspiring mis-quote out there that has become symbolic of going the distance, having faith and ultimately being supported;  “If you build it, they will come.”  It’s actually, “if you build it, he will come”  and it’s from the 1989 Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams.    Kevin Costner’s character Ray Kinsella,  an Iowa corn farmer, starts hearing a voice guiding him to build a big baseball diamond out in his corn field.  Naturally, everyone thinks he’s cray cray bonkers and tells him he needs to re-plant his corn-field ASAP or face bankruptcy.  Instead, he does build it, and he (the ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson) does come – and mystical happenings in the corn field attracts what Ray needs in more ways than one and in ways he can’t possibly imagine.

This week’s card reminds us to pay attention to our OWN field of dreams.   We’ve all been in major “new chapter” mode lately  and thinking about the seeds that are being planted.   This week’s card reminds us that those new chapters, baseball diamonds, and seeds don’t just grow themselves, they sometimes need us to have equal measures of both faith and rolling up our sleeves and firing up the bulldozer in the middle of a corn-field at midnight.    We’re guided to pay attention to our dreams and not just to the limitations and realities that the greater world is showing us every day.

The message is:  if you work hard on your purpose and vision, you will see a result.  But the distinction about this is whether you’re working hard on your vision, or if you’re working hard on the stuff you can’t control at all.   Kevin Costner’s Ray couldn’t possibly wrap his brain around  how baseball stars from the Great Beyond might possibly field two teams in the middle of an Iowa corn field,  or how to make peace with his father.  He couldn’t personally gas up all those cars of the people visiting his field or make the crowds happen.  Nope. He had to do HIS part and not put his energy into all the rest.

This week, you too might be thinking about what exactly you can control and what you can’t.  You might figure out which things you have to do, and which things you have  to leave up to a bit of faith, uncertainty or outright weird stuff that the Universe cooks up.    What you CAN control, is marvellously simple no matter what it is you’re trying to attract;  what you can make choices about and what you can really work on is just your own path, purpose and product.      You’ll be far better served to do that than to worry, fret, and focus on those things that aren’t up to you.

This week is the perfect week to get back to what your essence, your gifts  and contributions are (a shade of last week’s “macro communication”!)  instead of all the other stuff cluttering your head.  ESPECIALLY if you’ve been scared about what you’re going to GET or if you’ll have enough.     Another voice in Field of Dreams said, “Go the distance.”     Focusing on your dreams and taking actions appropriately and not giving up might just manifest your very own innings out in the corn-field, with help and inspiration bordering on the miraculous.


About this deck:  The Enchanted Map Oracle cards by Collette Baron Reid is a 54 card deck published by Hay House and forms an inspiring, workable tool for inspiration and insight.

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