Child; card of the week, 18th May 2015

card 5.18.2015

Since they’re not my usual personal style, I often pass over cards like these, but sometimes a gentle message  is just just what we need.  These remind me of the kind of cards I used to get as a kid from my grandmother. They were special, a little twee but usually delivered an important message.

The cute guardian angel of “child” sits perched in a tree most of us wouldn’t give a second look to, rocking her Full House hair-do,  jamming on her lute.  She’s not afraid to climb to new places, or to expose her talents.  Child energy is all about innocence, and assuming that the best will happen (or at least being less willing to dig around and look for reasons why it won’t) .  Child energy can investigate new things without pressure or over-focus of the adult mind.  This week, these are all the ingredients you’ll need.

“Child” also represents actual children, of course.  Think of the children in your life and how you are or aren’t connecting to the themes of innocence.  Teaching, and child focus can pop up even if you don’t have your own kids, there might be a special young person who is relying on you for some help and guidance this week.  (And remember, “child” is all relative!  Your nearest kid-at-heart could need you too)   — It might help both of you if you’re able to keep your grasp on child energy and have an innocent outlook.

Child energy seems to be coming across in other ways too.  This has been a pivotal week where some  people are reporting some seriously miraculous and  wonderful shifts in the status quo, while others are in experiences that feel like the uncomfortable shedding of things outmoded and out grown.     This card is great for this dual purpose;  for those embarking on a splendid adventure are reminded to be open minded and innocent, while it reminds those who have outgrown something  not forgo those trees that seem bare – you can climb them too, you can sit amongst the branches and sing even if things seem weird or uncomfortable.   If you’ve ever seen posts about the unintentionally hilarious drawings and letters kids write, you know that children aren’t self conscious about the uncertain challenges of change.

Whether inwardly or outwardly focused, don’t be afraid  to find your messy, ok-with-it innocent side this week.



About this Deck;  Saints and Angels Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue.   This   44 card deck is published by Hay House.  These cards came to me as a second hand gift and feature angels saints and religious themes with simple keywords and gentle messages.

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