Temptation; Card of the Week 25th May 2015

card 5.25.2015

This week’s blog is a day late because of the holiday.  Memorial day is a special day for our family, not because of barbeques or festivals that kick off the glory days of summer, but for a family tradition passed down from my grandmother.   My grandparents and folks of their generation would go out for the day with fresh picked “flags” (irises) and peonies, lilacs  and other late spring flowers picked from the garden to honour not only the veterans and fallen heroes, but other family members who have passed  (even into her old age grandma made sure to “visit everyone” for Memorial Day).

Today we carry on this tradition and travel to different cemeteries to spruce up graves, leave special bouquets and flags.  I actually like cemeteries!  They are peaceful and beautiful places to me, never scary and I’ve had some unique experiences in cemeteries around the world.   I love to hear the veteran bands play music and to take care of place-holders and memory connections to loved ones. In that spirit, I’m using an unusual deck called the “Graven Images Oracle” ** for the blog this week.

This week’s card is, Temptation which nudges and guides us not to fall into the fantasy of looking so far ahead of ourselves in the glow of our desires that we fail to see the true chances and opportunities abounding nearby. The Little White Book says,

“This is a pie in the sky card. You are complacently thinking of what could be gained (love, wealth, approval, fame, respect) instead of taking the necessary steps towards true achievement. The advice here is:  dreaming alone does not make it so. The work and time and ability to achieve your desires is the price of passage to well earned pleasures.”

Don’t we all do that sometimes?  We get caught up in the habit of fantasy and even very-real promises of love or success and forget about what we’re doing  back here on planet Earth.  Who hasn’t daydreamed  about being in the Van Cliburn competition instead of actually practicing the piano ? (ok, maybe that’s just me!)

Sometimes we daydream about success because we don’t want to deal with whatever seems unsure, uncertain or scary right now.  The unknowns of the process;  What will it be like to  do this?  What will I be required to do?    Fantasies are a way to alleviate that stress (but deflection of responsibilities  can even take the form of UNPLEASANT fantasies about just how everything can go horribly wrong too).

This week, let’s remember to practice the piano, to think about what you’re doing right in the exact spot on the game board you’re at.     Doing our best in what is going on NOW (and being willing to stick with that “now”)  is really important this week.  And right now, you might not have all the tools or facts of a later stage of success.  But so what?  Stick with your work anyway.       Where you can’t (or shouldn’t) make concrete choices, it might be a time to make emotional choices instead.

The messy and unknown “middle” might seem messier or more unknown than usual (especially if you’ve felt some of the  “Mercury Retrograde-y”  shifts in perspective or are facing something you have known about for a long time but are now having to deal with it. )  Those emotional choices could just be about accepting what has to change, or stories you know you have to give up for the sake of your future success, especially if you’re in the camp who is having negative fantasies.  Something as simple as that, combined with some effort, time and abilities paid to what you have to work with right NOW  might just help you create the biggest, tastiest, most awesome pie the sky has ever seen!

About this deck:  The Graven Images Oracle deck by Natalie Zaman  and Katherine Clark is published by Galde Press.  This 71 card oracle deck is really interesting because it uses the statuary and symbols found in cemeteries in beautiful photographs of the esoteric, religious, spiritual and personal symbolism found in these spaces.  This well-thought-out system has cards organized into five different groups: Spirit Divine, Physical, Mental, Social and Emotion and topics are balanced between the positive and challenging aspects of our lives. The authors are tarot experts as well as members of societies for the preservation and historical study of gravestones.

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