Curiosity Enlivened the Pup; Card of the Week 1st June 2015

card 6.1.2015

I got this deck at a flea market for .99 cents, because…. PUPPIES!    How cute is this little guy?    When I teach people about how to tap into their intuition around images or cards, I always say to figure out the first association you have for the picture or image.     Being a generally CAUTIOUS person, I don’t naturally resonate with curiosity that isn’t intellectual.   I’m not a daring do, I’m a daring don’t.   Seeing this picture reminds me of my fearless childhood dog – who buzzed around the garden sniffing every plant and who  thought nothing of chasing horses, or of eating an entire , hollow, elaborately painted  Easter-egg that was 5 years old and in a display.   Only a dog with no concept of worry or risk assessment could hurtle towards a squirrel on a garden fence without the slimmest notion of how the laws of physics work.  (Poor lil guy, he found out about Newton’s first law the hard way)


This week, we might not want to be totally reckless, but we might want to follow our curiosity.  Curiosity in this case, can be the gentle sort, but still enough of a daring energy to let us do things that are outside our comfort zone.   Allowing ourselves to open up (intention to learn!)  to someone we met with curiosity instead of “I’ve made up my mind”   or even curiosity about some of the messages and signals we’re feeling intuitively.   Curiosity is a byproduct of innocence, of casting off our pre-existing notions about how things will be.    Sometimes those angel messages that we hear (or see) in our day-to-day life need a bit of that innocence to totally sink in. Otherwise they just bounce off our hard heads as we stick stubbornly to the same old thoughts and beliefs we hold all the time.


It’s also a good time to be curious about the things that provide some refuelling.  If you’ve been having the “Mercury Retrograde” blues, or even if things have been especially crazy and hectic for you… there might just be an interesting scent in the wind,  a squirrel running along the fence, or something that provides you a little bit of respite from the daily grind.  This could be some curiosity about newly unveiled paths in your personal, professional or creative life.     There’s a little hole in the hedgerow… will you peek through?


Curiosity killed the cat, they say, but this week you’re protected with Puppy power Winking smile  —  you can nudge yourself to explore a little bit – even if it’s in those gentle ways


About this deck:    Dog Wisdom by Toni Carmine Salerno  is a 45 card deck depicting adorable dogs and is published by Blue Angel. Each card features a simple keyword and inspirational image.

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