Migration; Card of the Week 15th June 2015

card 6.15.2015

This week’s card (actually a little tile ) is about moving and migrating. In the last week, I’ve heard many stories of re-routing.   That guy you went on a few dates with didn’t respond,  (or maybe he DID respond but it a way that totally let you down)   or the person you’ve been thinking of and wanting to hold a certain special door open for, has failed to walk through that door yet AGAIN for the zillionth time.   Maybe you’ve gotten a message that the job you were limping along in has instituted a new weird policy that makes you angry, or maybe a nutty house-mate has decided to leave home.   Lately, the messages have been pretty clear and unsubtle:  “A migration is happening!”

That migration is all about embracing a new part of you or a new step that might shift in form beneath your feet, or require you to step away what you thought would happen.   It’s time to act, and to take wing into a new sky.   As Ted Andrews writes of this rune,  “Now is the time to make a move. The sustenance you need is no longer available where you are…”   and, “It can be difficult to make major moves and changes, but there are times when it becomes easier and we have greater protection when we do take action. This is one of those times. you are more than prepared. So take a leap. Make your move. If you do not, you will find yourself becoming mired in the recurring muck of the past.”

These are not bad times, they’re good! As the birds make their way to friendlier skies, so do you as you navigate new opportunities. This card says,  “Time to try!”  so anything we’ve been getting ready to do, may indeed be ready for action.


About this deck: — this week’s “Card” is not a card but a rune (though it isn’t that either)  from Ted Andrew’s  “ANIMAL-SPEAK RUNES”    a book and 40 piece set of rune-like charms depicting animals and keywords published by Dragonhawk  Publishing.     This little set is great for creative-thinking/inspiration or divination and its so simple and clear to use. 

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