The Raven: Card of the Week 6 July 2015



With July’s transcendent astrology supposedly  marking beautiful passageway into heart opening  love and unfolding magic, love and romance (especially the kind of romance with one’s life and purpose) in between it’s two full moons;  this week’s card (rune) really spoke to me.

For months and months  I’ve been incubating a project that involves birds and especially corvids (that’s crows, ravens, magpies, etc.) … and by incubated, I mean that I’ve had this big idea in the back of my mind … sitting there like a brain spud. Unrealized… untapped, unexpanded.  I find lots of other work and commissions to busy myself with so I love making excuses as to why I don’t need to tap into something coming from my OWN creativity.   Oh sure, I’ve done a few sketches (like this one above) but they just kind of stare at me from the page and cackle as I while away the hours doing things I think are more important.  (And let’s face it… none of us are SO busy that we can’t pay some energy towards projects and dreams for at least a few minutes a day.  Did you really need to Google Mr. T’s real name, or watch the Bachelorette?  – didn’t think so).

card 7.6.2015

Raven is a magical symbol   – the shape-shifter, the bringer of light where there is darkness.  Where Raven pops up in readings, it’s often a time to bring light into the dark or cast a new glow on something you’ve forgotten or neglected and we are poised at a special doorway, a gateway between worlds.  (As we saw with wonderful blackbird a few months ago).   This bringer of light and opener of doors between the mundane world and the spiritual or interior, is truly special.  In Ted Andrew’s Animal Runes he says, “doors are opening between worlds, things are shape-shifting around you and not all what they seem to be…”   


As magic unfurls around us, it’s time for us to find an expression for that magic and to work to bring it into being.  We may not know exactly who we will be, what we want or what we want to do every minute of the day , but our heart’s desire has been trying to speak to us for a few months, and now it’s finally singing and resonating with so many other things (and, yay! Others joining in to help!) but it’s time to bring our own light to situations and to put forth an effort to use the tools and skills we have and not wait for others to do it for us, or to bring external circumstances that we think will make us happy so we can bypass this whole ‘heart’ thing.  “Raven’s appearance reminds you that the course of changing your life lies in your own efforts.”


As things take shape around you, or even seem to CHANGE shape this week, it’s good to remember that you too have some shape-shifting chops.  Like Zeus turning into a swan or an eagle, you may find that you need to adapt, change your perceptions and even take on unfamiliar roles.   For some of us, changes have brought about the need to look at life differently or DO things differently.  There’s always an acclimation phase, but this “shape-shifting” is definitely something you can handle!  It doesn’t need to be something that takes you FURTHER away from who you are, nor faking yourself for a role either. You assuredly don’t need to turn into a werewolf or hulk out!   You’re just going to be yourself in a new way, adapting to changes.


It’s great to trust the Universe/Spirit to do the driving – but at the same time,  some really surprising changes for the better can happen if you take on a role of adaptability, trust, and actively making an effort to create happiness or progress in your life.   Quoth the Raven, “You’ll be your own light in the dark”


About this deck: — this week’s “Card” is not a card but a rune (though it isn’t that either)  from Ted Andrew’s  “ANIMAL-SPEAK RUNES”    a book and 40 piece set of rune-like charms depicting animals and keywords published by Dragonhawk  Publishing.     This little set is great for creative-thinking/inspiration or divination and its so simple and clear to us