Fortress: Card of the Week 20th July 2015

card 7.20.2015

Back when I first started doing readings in my teens (a million years ago) I used polished rune stones and one of my first books on the topic was  Blum’s original  Book of Runes. This one, Uruz, often came up in times of change.  So much so that I’d see it and go, “oh it’s time for a big shift, time to go deep!”

There are many layers of meaning to this week’s card/rune.   This rune represents the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental strength needed to manifest your dreams and create what you want.  Like the fortress in this picture, this kind of strength can be sheltering, shielding and all powerful.  It allows us to go into the depths of our being and tap into the most powerful strength and fortitude that we have to overcome whatever might seemingly trip us up.   It can even help us deal with that most formidable foe: our thoughts and fears.

Strength is most definitely on your side but be aware that as you enter this strong, sheltering  space (just as in this picture) there’s a passageway into darkness. You might not see the way in front of you. Change is about going into the unknown, about not knowing the lay of the land and what wonders and treasures lie within at the outset.   Be sure that they are there for you, those treasures glittering … but at first let your eyes acclimate.    Because change is happening, that also means that the old world is falling away or changing this week.

This week can also be a time changes or of letting the past go, or of forgiving someone or something that was really important to you in the past or someone who  you once thought would stick by you through thick and thin and who has not.   You’re actually  seeing new people emerge and join you in the exploration of this wonderful fortress, – but at the same time it just might feel like some of the old people in your world are moving away from you.  Friendship is always in a state of ebb and flow, and our best friends are never too far away, but this is a time to embrace the distance between you.

The theme of strength in forgiveness extends to yourself this week too. Don’t be too hard on yourself if what’s required takes a lot out of you this week and it leads your mind down old rabbit holes or thoughts of what you could have done (or what happened before). It’s time again to forgive the past (and yourself of the past)  and enjoy  the power, strength, and protection you have now.   It’s time to go exploring!


About this deck:  The Rune Cards: Ancient Wisdom For the New Millennium  by Ralph H. Blum 25 card set to use on their own or with rune stones.