Friday Toon; Happiness Today!



I’ve been wanting to do a little cartoon for awhile and not just to try out the new font I created.

– This is so important.  When we tell ourselves “it will be ok, just breathe.”   we forget to remind ourselves that it IS ok, right now.  Right now is the only moment we have. Not someday when the relationship happens, not someday when we get the laser treatment or the nose job or the perfectly decorated house.     All those external conditions of beauty and perfect fade or do not fulfil. Remembering that you are already ok and that you need nothing else, is an important part of creating the kind of happiness in your life that is real and lasting.      You can create something today, you can plant something beneficial, you can give your love to others….  there is something you can do right now that can bring yourself a little happiness.  What is it?


Have a great weekend!