Youthful Follies; Card of the Week 3rd August 2015

card 8.3.2015

This week’s card (tiny wooden disc)  is #4 Youthful Folly!    What a great week to think about “youthful” energy. The energy is new, and a new version of you is springing forth and hopping like the bunny in this picture.    This energy just wants to go out there and shake that cotton tail and boogie!   Just like the “fool” in the tarot deck, this symbol is about starting a new chapter with faith in the unknown; even if there have been some tough surprises or reminders in the last week or so, you’re pulled to keep exploring and pushing FORWARD and this young excitement and innocence can help you try new things.

This week, we’re guided to think about that “youthful” energy in terms of our inexperience.  Things are different, so it’s normal to feel  a little clueless or lost.   That’s ok!  It just means we might need to ask for help, guidance and instruction, and even give ourselves permission to hop out of bounds and make a few mistakes.

Sometimes youth is impetuous and says,  “I don’t know—but I’ll do it anyway!!”  – so are you going to be impatient with your new energy, try to shame it for being stupid or try to reign it in, or are you going to let it hop loose… with some structure and education?

Youthful energy can get us hopping again but it can also mean that we’re so eager to hop that we can be careless, reckless or foolish in the process.   (Let’s go!!  I want it all right now!) To avoid carelessness or errors, as well as impatience, give yourself TIME and be willing to learn.

If you typically are the parent or teacher,  this week could flip the script.   Something (or someone) unusual might bring you a learning moment this week, so it will pay to be a willing student instead of hard-headed and sure of your own ideas.  (all the old rules you learned about where to hop and where not to hop might not apply this week!)

This week we’re asked to think about the inexperience or “youthful” energy in our partners, friends or loved ones too.  Sometimes we take a lot of responsibility to “parent,” teach or take care of a partner or loved one when in really  we could choose to  loosen up and let them be responsible for their inexperience and their own learning.

If someone around you is making mistakes, consider whether trying to convince them and hammer concepts home is really all that helpful.    It will pay to be patient with youthful exuberance this week – whether your own,  or your loved one.

Happy hopping!

About this deck: I made this oracle many years ago using wooden discs painted with wood pencils, varnish, and wood enamels.       It is inspired by the  I-CHING  or “Book of Changes” dating back to end of the second millennium BCE, it’s also one of the oldest books in recorded history.     The I-Ching comprises a set of 64 hexagrams (6 lines each)  which  represent all the possible six-line combinations  of yin/yang energy.   Yin and Yang energy are the dualistic building blocks of the universe;  feminine/masculine, active/passive, light/dark, etc.     Each hexagram is made up of two of the 8 “Hua” Trigrams that represent the classical  fundamental elements and which were said, in legend, to have been inspired when the first  Emperor of China Fu Hsi had visions related to the lines and dashes on a turtle’s back.   Because of some of the legends surrounding it, scholars believe some of the “I-Ching” material pre dates recorded history in Ancient China.

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