INCREASE: card of the week 31st August 2015

card 8.31.2015

What a way to end the series on the i-ching for August: INCREASE!! And what a great theme to bring into September too!       This hexagram is about abundance and creativity, finally ARRIVING and prosperity.

This can be a really successful period if we start focusing our minds in that direction.   And that’s sometimes the trick, right?  To focus on hard WORK instead of emotions, excuses or procrastinating.  The force of increase works best if we’re active in it instead of passively hanging out and waiting for it to bring its riches to us.  We’ll feel a lot better if we stop ho-humming and get in the groove of doing some things that invest in the DREAM this week.   Take advantage of this increase while it’s here!  The good times are starting to roll and we need to roll with them and not let them pass by.

If we have a stream or ocean to cross, it’s good to take advantage of abundant tides and strengthening winds to get underway… but these things don’t work by themselves.  The traditional text on hexagram #42 speaks of having a goal in mind and somewhere to go to,  of making true priorities.         If you end up being really inspired this week, what will you do with it?  If you find yourself with extra money in your pocket, will you use it for your deeper plans or goals?

All the reaping of rewards, lush vines growing on fertile grounds, abundance, encouragement and expansion forward is amazing! But how can you pump up the jam too?  Coming from the mentality of “having” versus “loss” is just as important as generosity.  Be generous with feelings of abundance, and with all the flowering and growth and prosperity coming this week and month.   Spread the wealth and largess.  (and if you say, “I don’t have anything to give” — yes you do!)

The more we give and spread, the more we INCREASE in ourselves and others!  This is not the time to be a miser and think about how little you have and how to protect that little bit. This is not the time to go into fear or see minuses instead of pluses.  Not a time to be frugal with the flow.  The more you share and the more you focus on your overflow the more your own flowers will bloom!

If you’ve been stressed about abundance or have felt like you don’t have enough money, or enough love… this is such a wonderful week to have and to create those things.

Have a wonderful week of INCREASE!!

About this deck: I made this oracle many years ago using wooden discs painted with wood pencils, varnish, and wood enamels.       It is inspired by the  I-CHING  or “Book of Changes” dating back to end of the second millennium BCE, it’s also one of the oldest books in recorded history.     The I-Ching comprises a set of 64 hexagrams (6 lines each)  which  represent all the possible six-line combinations  of yin/yang energy.   Yin and Yang energy are the dualistic building blocks of the universe;  feminine/masculine, active/passive, light/dark, etc.     Each hexagram is made up of two of the 8 “Hua” Trigrams that represent the classical  fundamental elements and which were said, in legend, to have been inspired when the first  Emperor of China Fu Hsi had visions related to the lines and dashes on a turtle’s back.   Because of some of the legends surrounding it, scholars believe some of the “I-Ching” material pre dates recorded history in Ancient China.

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