Flowing Beneath the Surface; card of the week 21 September 2015

card 9.21.2015



I’ve  been on a mountain adventure; visiting wild-flowers in the late summer sunshine, and enjoying some family reunion!  While this was a lot of fun, I had work to do on the trip too, so I didn’t have much time to do blogging.  So it’s good to be back! Smile

I love this week’s card (rune) because it reminds me of some of the thermal hot-springs we got to enjoy on some hikes. The water, unseen, flows underground before it bubbles up from the Earth’s crust and pours into the rivers in an amazing show of power, energy and plain old romance and poetry by the time it gets to the river.

Laguz represents water and it represents all that flows beneath the surface.   Laguz is the quality of our unconscious mind that sometimes tries to knock on our conscious mind and wake us up to something!  This rune is about emotions, intuition,  dreams, healing and love.

This week, whatever flows beneath the surface is important. Whether that’s trusting the movement in life that you can’t see, or perhaps even looking deeper into your deeper mind  — is there something you’ve not been willing to look at that has been an enemy of progress for you?  Is there something in your conscious or unconscious awareness that you’re afraid to embrace and which you’re projecting into the situations around you?   Especially look at this if you feel that what is happening around you is not as you expect.   Unity and connectedness (as all waters connect) is a principle of this rune.

Water loves to flow and bubble, carving out new pathways and new dimensions.  You can handle the “mercury-retrograde-ness” of the world around you if you’re really clear and introspective about your own role and focus on communication.    This rune also relates to dreams (one of the most important ways our unconscious energy speaks to us)  so keeping a dream journal could be a great idea for the week.   There are lots of ways to tap into the scripts and stories running beneath the surface.  Meditation,  art, and quiet can all help you connect to the flow.


About this deck oracle:      Runes are an ancient indo-European alphabet (known as a runic alphabet) from about AD 150 that were used in Norse and old Germanic languages before the adoption of a Latin alphabet.  Today, the “Elder Futhark” alphabet  is often used as charm symbols for clarity and  insight into oneself.  This set is carved in hematite (mineral iron oxide) and inlaid with gold enamel.  This is the very first divination tool I ever used a million years ago when I started doing readings!   You can make your own set out of wood, stones, paper, clay or other objects.

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