Coming around; Card of the week 12 October 2015

card 10.12.2015



This week’s card  (little piece of cardstock about the size of a penny) is from a series of little bug cartoons I made ages ago illustrating some of the most simple (but tough to relate to) energetic principles … kid-style.    [ Part of me….ego….. didn’t even want to use these in the weekly cards blog, “No! Don’t show these off… I’m an ‘artist’ now!”   but I didn’t listen and here they are! LOL)

This one was inspired by one of the  favourite sayings of elders in my clan, “What goes around comes around,” meaning, roughly, you better watch your butt because if you screw up, you’ll get what’s coming to you. It’s typically a phrase of karmic retribution. Or is it? Here I imagined it as a bug patting another on the head and that this act of intention gets passed forward, on and on.  The energetic principle here is one of balance and of, “what you give, you’ll receive.”

How does this relate to this month’s theme of communication?   Most people mirror one another in communication. It is part of evolutionary social science, or instinctual, but its almost a sure thing that if someone is upset, it’s really hard to not take on a testy tone yourself, for example.

The good news is that mirroring can be a conscious choice.   If you were feeling fine until you started talking to Debbie Downer the bank teller, you do have a choice about whether you carry this energy forward.  No matter how others around you are feeling and no matter how others are portraying themselves (say, in a difficult conversation with a family member or partner)  you can still make a choice to be conscious and have the intention to learn and to understand as well as communicate your true feelings instead of matching their crazy and flying off the handle yourself.    You can put a different ingredient into the mix this week and get a better outcome!


Even though your every instinct might be to mirror your partner, or even to take on their emotions as your own, you can make your own choices and if you are honest, compassionate and considerate, the chances are much better that the other person will be too. Other ways to think about “what goes around comes around” this week is to take a look at what your objectives are for the month and overall.   Are you looking for love? Then maybe you can BE a loving source to others. Are you looking for good customers? BE a good customer.   Do you want people to see your hurts? See theirs.  Do you want abundance to flow? Be on top of your money game, respect your finances and share with others.


So much energy focus this month is in how the world mirrors what we feel and how we relate to the world.  “The world is what you are,” as the saying goes.  What are you putting into the machine? How are you feeling? How are you treating yourself?  Is it with anxiety, impatience or dissatisfaction?  If so, is it reasonable to expect that the world will somehow mirror back to you something DIFFERENT than what you are?


Have a great week!