Friday Toon 16th October 2015

Energy of communication is like any other energy – it wants to flow and move.  There’s an easy way to tell if yours is NOT flowing:   you spend a lot of time trying to anticipate and figure out what a person is thinking or feeling.  You’re constantly plotting out what they mean, what they think, what they’re going to do next.

Living in assumptions, stories and mental landscapes about another person’s feelings or motives is a constant roller coaster. One minute you’re excited and hopeful, the next lost and crushed.  The energy of true communication isn’t really happening because the relationship is happening in your mind.

It’s better to ASK (yes, even if you’re afraid to know the answer) and participate with that other human being  than to assume. The more you communicate with a friend, boss, child, partner, date — the more you know what is really happening. You know what they mean, you know how they’re really feeling far better than if you come to your own conclusions.     Asking, talking and opening up feels like a big “risk” — but these are the essential ingredients of love. If you stick to this plan
you will know what you need to know!