The Road : Card of the Week 19th October, 2015


card 10.19.2015


This week’s card is about the ROAD ahead of us (ok the road in the picture is a garden path, but .. close enough) the wonderful path towards our dreams and true intentions that we are on the march towards, gaining speed and momentum as October flows forward.     Reach Out Awaken Dreams as the mnemonic for this word and I love it!

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to change our habits and change the way we orient ourselves to the new path.  It’s easier to look back on what we did before, where we got lost before… or even  easier to rely on old habits instead of really being willing to change and to carry changes out without giving up so we can find our footing on the new path.   This card reminds us that by being active and reaching out into the world, we’re activating those dreams and letting them beckon and remind us about where the road is leading!

Maybe we’ll reach out to someone who can invest in our vision or help us on a grand scale, or maybe we’re reaching out to someone who can market us or focus our energies and attention on the next phase of the game. We might even be reaching out towards new influences and people we haven’t get encountered who will be helping pave the way towards our dreams.   It might even just be reaching out and grabbing some new tools or experimenting with giving our gifts and changing our habits so we can continue to wake up our dreams and discover what they ARE if we don’t already know.

Reaching out and awakening dreams can also impact your communication this month.  Are you dreaming in your head or hatching plans or daydreaming about what you want? Great… but maybe reaching out and taking ACTION is part of your game plan this week. Maybe you’re ready to communicate about what you want and where you’re heading with others. Maybe you’re reaching out simply because someone you love is in pain, or because in reaching out, you are jiggling and activating the energy that awakens your dreams.

You might also be talking to other people about  THEIR dreams and in the act of reaching out, you might help someone activate and feel more confident about their path.  We all may be traveling down different paths and going by different routes, but often our destinations are in the same neighbourhood.


Have a wonderful, week of reaching towards your dreams!

About this deck:  Isle of View Insight Deck is a non-traditional deck self-published by author Russel McDougal.  It features 50 cards, each with clever artwork (collage) and an acronym speaking to insights on how to move forward and gain happiness.   Each card is  like a pop-art, simple-meaning  nudge to that place of knowing and inspiration. –it also makes a great “coffee table” deck or addition to a guest room.