Kindred Spirits; Card of the Week 26th October 2015


card 10.26.2015



It’s that time of year again, and  I’m going to use a card from the absolutely adorable and amazing  “Halloween Tarot” deck to celebrate this final week of October.  What do we see here?  The six of ghosts (six of cups)  with six little ghosties  gathered together, and sharing a bit of good will and maybe a few flowers.  This card speaks to the power of our deepest points of connection to the parts of your life that inspire you an nurture your soul, that give gifts of love and support.

This card reminds us of the fond associations that stand through time unfaded by the passage of time.    I can still remember the unique smell of a bag of trick-or-treat candy; all those commingled chocolates, popcorn balls, and fruit candies, bubble gums and wax fangs mixed together.   I remember the smoky and crisp scent of October and how my mom worked on loving,  inventive costumes.   Just as those kinds of superficial  memories endure, so do the energy stamp of people, loved  ones, places and time periods that evoke the best part of our real SELVES.       This week, no matter how large or small, we can tap into a kind of “family reunion”  (either in practical reality or within ourselves)  that can help in the present work we’re doing.

This is not sad “nostalgia” over people who can’t be present in your life or chewing on old past relationships but rather really appreciating  the most stand out and important eras, people and “touchstones” of your life.  Maybe not all those important people are here in the physical world anymore, but those who love you and support you and have helped you in your path are always connected to you.

One thing I love about this card is that the traditional Waite Rider deck shows a pair of children and in this card, the gang is all here!  This is a time for joining and reuniting with old (and new!)  friends too and exploring those tried and true connections that are most important for you.  The cool thing about Kindred Spirits is that they can instantly bring you back to a place of being “home” even if you just met, even if they’re just someone you meet temporarily during a hobby or event.  These kindred spirits could even touch your life in simple ways that remind you of what’s important to you this week.     If you haven’t been meeting many kindred souls lately, why not?   Is there something about that you can change this week?

The six of cups (ghosts) also indicates childlike innocence.  The homework could be to come up with  some ways in which we can imagine seeing things in a more simple, trusting, playful light.     Are we making things much harder than they need to be?  Are the answers easier to tap into than we think?    Are we viewing someone (or something) with curiosity and simplicity or are we making things extremely complicated with our negative anticipations?  What would happen if we imagined a great reunion with all the people who ever shaped us, how would they all be cheering us on now?


Have a wonderful (TREAT FILLED!)  week, everyone!



About this deck:   The Halloween Tarot by Karin Lee and Kipling West is published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  and is a 78 card deck featuring Halloween themed images. This deck is really cute and it’s one that many people use all year round. The images are non-scary and the book gives insight into the traditions and symbolism of the season.