Friday Toon 6 November 2015



When I drew this cartoon, I was drawing on many moments of creative procrastination.  Being “busy” with illegitimate tasks is the cousin of sitting around doing nothing.  Both help us avoid our purpose and passion.

It’s a time of getting things done.  As I’ve been trying to focus more of my efforts in towards those things that matter, I keep coming across tips to write to-do lists and to identify what it is we need to do. The trouble is, the silverware drawer is never more tidy than when something WORSE needs to be done ( like scheduling a root canal, taxes, giant expense report for the boss, etc).      It’s then that we get distracted with all kinds of suddenly VERY important missions.

I totally relate to having some pressing, timely and important thing to do and suddenly being possessed with an all encompassing desire to know how tall Hervez Villachaize was  (3’10”), or how long alligators can grow to.   Even when we DO get focused on our real to-do list, the procrastination demon can strike again and make distractions like email, texts, and other tasks rise up.

The thing that has helped me more is not just to make a to-do list. (I’m GREAT at making to-do lists, and I couldn’t live without ‘em – but sometimes they sit there stacked with things that never get checked off)   What works even better for someone working on multiple projects, deadlines or goals is to have a special separate list of the 1-3 MOST IMPORTANT things and to commit to focusing distraction free blocks of time just on those.   You will likely have time to do a lot more things, but those three are the ones you want to do no matter what!

I’m going to write more on some of the methods/tools/apps  I’ve come across later,  but trying this tip out over the last two weeks thanks to an app called Fabulous, it  has really helped me refine what is and isn’t important for the day.


Have a great weekend! Smile