Delights and delights; Card of the Week 28th December 2015

card 12.28.2015


I hope everyone reading things had a wonderful holiday filled with love, light and peace!   December is my busiest month in all the things I do (art and other work too)  so I haven’t really been able to blog in my usual way.   In January though, it will be back to business more-as-usual.

This week’s card is a sweet one.  As much as we’re having a time of focusing (or re-focusing) on practical matters; bills that need attention, diet that needs to be re-stabilised after the holidays, keeping in touch with loved ones –  this week’s card reminds us to not be so caught up in things that we can’t have some times of simple delight.

This is not a week to do everything or try to wrap up everything in a neat tidy box, or go into post-holiday “must fix everything” obsession mode.    It’s good to clean up, and there’s even energy flowing that is going to help us be productive … but easy does it.  There’s still time to take a few moments to appreciate wonderment, to share a few tender moments with loved ones or even visit a new place.

Even though the party/holiday/festivities season is starting to wind down, this is a time when there are still some fun festivities to be enjoyed. If you do end up being busy, or focused on a project, take time to savour small delights and find them shining and glimmering alongside the must-dos and have-tos that are cropping up this week.

Not every delight is a glitzy experience,  or a package wrapped in a bow.  Some of the most delightful things are simple or unexpected. And if your holiday shopping is over, there’s still opportunities for you to CREATE delight this week too.  There’s more giving and sharing that you could inspire others with this week.


About this deck: The Original Angel Cards: Inspirational Messages and Meditations by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake is a set of 72 playfully illustrated, tiny cards for inspiration, creativity, meditation and more.  It is published by Allegro Corporation.

Easy Goes it; Card of the Week, 14th December 2015

card 12.14.2015

Two cards this week  (including  one “jumper”)   and they go so perfectly together and are great clues about how to be our most giving and receptive selves.

Being easy going is something the adult, productive, disciplined get-things-done side of ourselves doesn’t usually embrace, but that skill is  plays a huge role in  things coming to us easily!  You can get more done, see more opportunities, and be more receptive if you let go a little bit.

This week being flexible might be a necessity.  December is an intense energy month and an intense time when a lot of people celebrate holidays and there’s more “hubbub” happening than normal. There are parties to go to, food to make, presents to wrap, family to deal with… and even if you don’t do any of those things, you have to deal with the people who do.    Things might not go the way you originally think or hope that they will.   Being flexible will let you roll with what’s going on and get things done anyway.

No matter what the situation, not expecting things to be a certain way can help you embrace things as they are and that can help you enjoy yourself a lot more.  For example, we don’t always get the wonderful family and friends of TV sit-coms, we get the human, flawed ones we’ve got.   Not every gift or meal can be Martha Stewart-esque and not every get together is going to be like a Hallmark movie where everyone hugs and sings at the end.   But, some of the very  best things come out of imperfection.

Playfulness sees innocence where our reasoning minds are hardened and practical.  Playfulness is not only about having fun but also in seeing the humour in every day things.  One of my favourite winter/holiday memories is of a terrible blizzard that hit one year as we planned to visit an out of state aunt.   What began as a huge disappointment ended up being a snow-fort building, hot-chocolate making, casserole building great time.

The best way to RECEIVE (and give) is to not have a rigid and inflexible idea about how things should be. This week, budge and give a little bit. Be playful, let life surprise you, make messy but delicious cookies and do something unexpected.    Or maybe you can shake things up and introduce a little bit of flexibility and fun to your family and friends.

Have a great week!

About this deck: The Original Angel Cards: Inspirational Messages and Meditations by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake is a set of 72 playfully illustrated, tiny cards for inspiration, creativity, meditation and more.  It is published by Allegro Corporation.

Openness; Card of the Week, 7th December 2015


card 12.7.2015

This month’s theme is about giving and sharing, and this week’s card is a great reminder of one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves and others: OPENNESS

Sounds great… but what exactly is openness?   Openness manifests in all sorts of different ways but it always does one thing:  invites energy IN instead of repelling it.

Think of someone with an open mind willing to listen to your side of the story, or think about how some people feel really open and accepting and have open, friendly faces instead of pinched, closed or angry ones.   Or what about the person who is open to ideas?  Openness is all about having an open and willing heart.

Why is that so important? Because if we are going to get what we want (new relationships, jobs, opportunities, abundance, etc.) openness is required to attract what we want and to take the practical steps needed to make progress.  If you’re not open, after all, you’re going to feel that energy manifest as boredom, frustration, pessimism, feeling hopeless, lost, agitated, antsy, or dull.

Giving the gift of openness is a great way to increase your OWN open heart or help yourself open up if you’re feeling closed down or pinched up.   Spend a little time this week brainstorming about how you feel when you’re open and how you have given that openness to other people in the past.  Next, think about some ways that you could give the gift of openness to others and yourself.

Maybe for you that means being really open with your spouse and having a great conversation. Maybe you’ll decide that being frustrated is holding you back and you want to give yourself permission to wiggle your toes in the sand and just be open to whatever is coming, whenever it comes. Maybe you’ll open your wallet or heart or kitchen to someone who needs you this week.  Maybe you’ll open yourself up to the possibility of having fun doing something totally different than your normal routine.  Maybe you’ll open yourself to possibilities you haven’t known or seen yet.

Being open means you’re not focusing on what hasn’t worked before, or on  the timeline or manner that your mind suggests, but rather that you’re up for what’s coming without judgements or preconceptions about what that will be.   I hope you get and GIVE the gift of openness this week Smile


About this deck: The Original Angel Cards: Inspirational Messages and Meditations by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake is a set of 72 playfully illustrated, tiny cards for inspiration, creativity, meditation and more.  It is published by Allegro Corporation.

More for all…. Friday ‘toon





We’re taught to mistrust sharing because we’re afraid to share too much, become drained, be a doormat, or be used.   We’re afraid to share because then we don’t have enough.     As children we’re taught more values and social concepts about getting, winning and having than we ever are about how to share.  Because of this, giving and sharing is something that most of us need to learn.

I know I did!   And that’s why I drew this cartoon.

The fact is, the more we share – the more we and others succeed.  It doesn’t matter what the “sharing” is about  … it could be our words, our honesty, our vulnerability, our resources, our time, our hearts, our minds, our food, our money.  When we give what we have to others, that value – whatever it is,  increases and expands.   We get better at it too.

Remember that really bad day you had when you shared your hostility and bad feelings with others and then things just got worse when people mirrored that back or responded with snark and pretty soon everyone was a swirling typhoon of bad feelings?   Yes, this really holds true of everything.  Good thing there’s an unlimited supply of energy and choices about how to use it.

Did I say unlimited supply?  YES!  Many years ago I worked in a field that exposed me to people who were ill, injured and often crabby.  I helped them, but at the end of the day I found myself drained and worn to the nubs and half dead.  I didn’t even want to talk to my friends or family.   It was then that I learned a valuable lesson:  there’s an unlimited supply of energy if you you hold the intention to SHARE.

Share means I’m giving you some of what I have, but not all of it.   Sharing means my intention is to GIVE instead of take because I’m starving for something or because I’ve given away all my resources too.     It does not mean “give you every ounce of energy I have” and it does not mean, “I’m giving to get something” or  “I’m giving to control” ( those lead us to untrue forms of giving where our boundaries and self care collapse).

I’ve seen this rule hold true over many years.    I have talked to people about some of the most painful times of their lives, and  I have friends who are therapists, or who are moms to enough kids to field a baseball team and friends who  treat patients who have had gunshot wounds or been in terrible accidents and the ones who stick to the principles of sharing have an almost unstoppable fountain of stamina and energy.       Yes, we’re all human, so we sometimes run out of juice….   but  more often than not  there’s a way to refill, replenish and have yet MORE to share for those who have learned this energetic rule!

Think about how when you love someone, you have more patience for them.  Or how when you’re brave and share  yourself, you find it easier to open up and talk about more things later.    If you’re real and honest, you will see friends being more real and you see them sharing that gift with others.     If you give time and effort to help other people be fed, safe, clothed, etc – you’ll see that energy of sharing expand  and other people will want to join in.  Even if you start small, sharing will get bigger and bigger and so will the gains for everyone.

There’s always MORE… we just have to learn to truly, legit share!