Friday Toon; October 30



Happy day before Halloween!         Check back tomorrow for a link to an article I’m posting about a special traditional celebration that happens during this time of year that honours special family connections!


Lucky Hat Box, card of the week 22nd June 2015

card 6.22.2015

Between a friend of mine celebrating their birthday with the joking exclamation, “this is the luckiest week of the year,” and another sending me an article a few days ago about the happy good luck astrology of June 22nd Jupiter Uranus trine, this week’s card is even more special.


When I was a kid I concocted a “lucky happy treasure” box which was an old jewelry box containing trinkets and good luck charms that suggested my idea of prosperity.  I’d stuff it cheap gumball prizes, plastic eggs, crayons and other little treasures inside so that I could open it up and be surprised on a day I wasn’t feeling happy.   Back then my idea of “treasure” was such sophisticated stuff as a wad of monopoly money, a replica of a gold double eagle coin, toy money and a drapery tie made out of glass blobs on a golden cord (I guess I thought they were fancy gems- haha!).   I kept some of these items and today they reside in my green satin money hat-box alongside real coins, stones and lists of charities I contribute to, etc.    Having my lucky hatbox might be just a bit of silly fun, but it helps remind me of fortune, luck and prosperity and how I thought about those themes in more innocent times.


Are you ready for a happy, good luck surprise? Maybe you’re going to be positively bowled over this week with miraculous and/or lucky happenings, or maybe you’re heading to a “nothing-can-stop-me” sense of freedom- an abundance that comes in your heart and mind.   Maybe you’re just going to slow down and smell the roses a little bit too. You might even be creating your own grown-up version of a happy treasure box to inspire you when you need to take your mind off worry.   Putting your mind towards prosperity is not a substitution for you doing your work to get where you’re going,  but it can help take your mind off worry and help you be grateful for what you have and can have!


Happy lucky  abundance week!


About this deck: The Original Angel Cards: Inspirational Messages and Meditations by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake is a set of 72 playfully illustrated, tiny cards for inspiration, creativity, meditation and more.  It is published by Allegro Corporation.

Week of February 23rd, The Weekend and Marching On

card 2.25.2015

Our blog post this week is a little late this week, guys.   There’s a lot going on right now and I’ve not been in the space (or headspace) to sit down and write this much this week, which coincides with a lot of the energy we’re all feeling right now.  It seems I’m not alone, a lot of friends and clients are reporting either intense emotional shifts, intense busyness, or experiencing intense personal events.    Or maybe you’re feeling a greater than usual excitement of what’s coming contrasting with all that you have to do to get there.     With astrologers and psychics pointing to an unusually active March, along with some pointing to the solar eclipse and aneretic  29 degrees in Pisces in mid-March as an especially challenging time (a degree sometimes connected to instability or which can connote misfortune, the subconscious or practical end of a cycle, etc.)   it’s important to keep our head in the game.  Forget about the stars, the energies and the hubbub for now.  Life is not distilled in looking at just one angle too closely.   It’s time to circle the wagons and unite this weekend, and overall, this coming month.   This is a powerful time of abundance, love, and coming together.   March, above all else, is further activation of the important missions we have for ourselves.  We create our own path forward!

This card brings us through the weekend and hints at how to handle the gifts and changes we’ve all been feeling coming towards us, and hints about what we can carry foward into the coming month.  It’s great that I pulled this card out of the deck because this was also the card of February itself in Joyce Drakes’ amazing Innerlinks Newsletter  —

she wrote, in part,

“Holding tightly to what scares us produces heartquakes and moves us out of the universal flow causing us to live in ‘scare-city’. The energy of wanting; things a certain way, circumstances to change, feelings to be different – is an ineffective approach because we can only want things to change according to what we think we know. The essence of abundance is rooted in dynamic openness and wonderment that infuses our desires with the optimizing force of Being. …. Wonderment arises when we open to something that is new, fresh, and mystical, completely letting go of all we know in that moment.”

This is so touching and so true. Look, it’s not always easy to be in the game  (and for some of us who are so called “light-workers” or helpers, have family or friends in a place of fear or change) sometimes it feels more quaky and “heart-quake-y” than normal. Scare City is an awfully easy place to inhabit in the midst of powerful change (which can sometimes feel like stuckness or the reverse- too much change and chaos/the unpredictable cyclone)  but abundance, having a bounty, returning to our force of much to be grateful for is what it’s all about.   Don’t get so scared that you forget what’s GOOD about what you have and where you are ultimately going. HANG IN THERE, it will get better.  What’s more, this is a call to spirit to open up to what is NEW in the next 6 months and to let go of what we think we know, or have known to date.

Abundance breathes in the smallest details and we’re asked to see the love, the bounty, the good things that are already here… focus on the bounty of golden fruit coming to you… feel the abundance that you have and will have more of (even if you don’t see it completely in the moment)  — and above all tell those that you love that you love them, encourage those who are hurting that you’re there for them.   And above all, stay in the game – it’s so worth it, it’s going to be amazing!

About this deck: The Original Angel Cards: Inspirational Messages and Meditations by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake is a set of 72 playfully illustrated, tiny cards for inspiration, creativity, meditation and more.  It is published by Allegro Corporation.