ENTHUSIASM: ‘card’ of the week 13 Jan 2014

card 1.13.2014

This week’s symbol (next in line in the not-really-cards theme for this month)  is from a set of wooden discs I made many years ago depicting the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching, or “Book of Changes”  …  this one is #16, Enthusiasm.    (the actual wooden disc is much tinier than it appears here, so I blew it up so you could see the details)

ENTHUSIASM!   This week, we’ll find our own personal expression of enthusiasm.  This energy is about self expression, inspiring others, self confidence, sharing, and positivity.   Enthusiastic energy is like the little frog, leaping across the pond. This energy says, “YES!!”

And when I say, “we’ll find our own personal expression of enthusiasm,”  I mean that we all have different energies and different ways of expressing things that are unique to us.   Enthusiasm for a still, lower-frequency energy person like me is going to look a lot different from the hyped-up/mobile/arm-flapping/jumping-up-and-down  enthusiasm a friend of mine has.   We both  express this in different ways; my inner frog might be leaping, but I might not be doing cartwheels on the outside.

This is NOT about how psyched up, jazzy or pumped you seem or feel. Your gift, your expression will translate this energy into different ways, and in fact, your enthusiasm may be quiet, pervasive or steady.    What is important is just that we have the energy of enthusiasm brewing right now that can help us get ourselves launched to the next good lily pad in the pond.   Enthusiasm is an energy that is contagious. Not only does it help us motivate ourselves, it ultimately helps shape a positive response in others too, which is in line with the original meaning of #16:  Building accord and using this power to inspire creativity, change and action.

This week, ask yourself:  What does my own unique brand of  enthusiasm look like ?  How can I  drum up some  inner “YES” this week?  What can I be excited about?   How can I inspire others this week? What do I need to rally the troops towards?

One recommendation, though, is that we use this energy towards those active things:   inspiring others, self expression, getting on things done ….         and not to pour enthusiasm into anything which isn’t really on our plate  (for example, into fantasies or into hoping and wishing that OTHERS will take action).         — This is also not a time to let your enthusiasm (or that of anyone else)  let you get so carried away that you’re not able to be functional…. this is not a time to day dream, lose a grip on reality, court danger or to procrastinate.  Be inspiring to others this week but don’t be obnoxious.  Allow your creativity and enthusiasm to be contagious through your attitude and actions instead of persuasion.  You don’t need to clang cymbals next to anyone’s ears to get them to pay attention.  Enthusiasm energy  is attractive and attention gaining without even trying.  In fact “Trying hard”  should not be on your to-do list this week at all.

Let your frog leap this week and feel the spring of enthusiasm and “yes!”  inspiring creativity.  You, like our little froggy friend, are going great places!

Have a wonderful week.

About this oracle:     I made this on 1 inch wooden discs using wood pencils, varnish, and wood enamels.       It is inspired by the  I-CHING  or “Book of Changes” dating back to end of the second millennium BCE, it’s also one of the oldest books in recorded history.     The I-Ching comprises a set of 64 hexagrams (6 lines each)  which  represent all the possible six-line combinations  of yin/yang energy.   Yin and Yang energy are the dualistic building blocks of the universe;  feminine/masculine, active/passive, light/dark, etc.     Each hexagram is made up of two of the 8 “Hua” Trigrams that represent the classical  fundamental elements and which were said, in legend, to have been inspired when the first  Emperor of China Fu Hsi had visions related to the lines and dashes on a turtle’s back.   Because of some of the legends surrounding it, scholars believe some of the “I-Ching” material pre dates recorded history in Ancient China.  The entire subject is really fascinating (as are the different texts published today)  to read more about the I-Ching, click here.