Delights and delights; Card of the Week 28th December 2015

card 12.28.2015


I hope everyone reading things had a wonderful holiday filled with love, light and peace!   December is my busiest month in all the things I do (art and other work too)  so I haven’t really been able to blog in my usual way.   In January though, it will be back to business more-as-usual.

This week’s card is a sweet one.  As much as we’re having a time of focusing (or re-focusing) on practical matters; bills that need attention, diet that needs to be re-stabilised after the holidays, keeping in touch with loved ones –  this week’s card reminds us to not be so caught up in things that we can’t have some times of simple delight.

This is not a week to do everything or try to wrap up everything in a neat tidy box, or go into post-holiday “must fix everything” obsession mode.    It’s good to clean up, and there’s even energy flowing that is going to help us be productive … but easy does it.  There’s still time to take a few moments to appreciate wonderment, to share a few tender moments with loved ones or even visit a new place.

Even though the party/holiday/festivities season is starting to wind down, this is a time when there are still some fun festivities to be enjoyed. If you do end up being busy, or focused on a project, take time to savour small delights and find them shining and glimmering alongside the must-dos and have-tos that are cropping up this week.

Not every delight is a glitzy experience,  or a package wrapped in a bow.  Some of the most delightful things are simple or unexpected. And if your holiday shopping is over, there’s still opportunities for you to CREATE delight this week too.  There’s more giving and sharing that you could inspire others with this week.


About this deck: The Original Angel Cards: Inspirational Messages and Meditations by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake is a set of 72 playfully illustrated, tiny cards for inspiration, creativity, meditation and more.  It is published by Allegro Corporation.


Broadcasting; Card of the week 5th October 2015

card 10.5.2015

There’s a saying in tarot and card circles that what card you choose, it’s  always the right one… the synchronicity of the Universe supposedly aligns you with whatever the most perfect card you need to see.  When I pulled a little angel card for myself today, it really made me laughed and proved there’s something to that idea!    I’ve been thinking a lot over the last couple of days about how October is “Communication” month! I’ve written some posts on my FB page about it, and I’m focusing my writing on topics of personal communication and connection.  (Such as an article  I wrote on what happens when communication seems TOTALLY off-the rails and fights or arguments abound)  — so this card was quite a chuckle when I saw it.

Yes… as the forces of miscommunication and miscues fade away, the whole theme of this month is communication!  The first thing that resonated with me about “communication” and this card in particular was the image of the little angels talking on the phone (corded phones!  since  is a very old deck) and I thought about how in my great grandparents’ day the telephone was a new-fangled device that suddenly made a very big world (in which it was harder to share ideas widely)   into a tiny world where people could be reached with the ease of a box on the wall.  Today’s “box on the wall” is media.  The computer, the art of film, the news.  Broadcasting is the new instrument to make the world come together.

Or is it? Think about how you’re broadcasting your message.  We touched on this a few weeks ago, but in “communicating” there’s more to think of than just how you’re communicating with family, friends, and dates.  Communication is about broadcasting who you are to a larger world.  This week we can think of this and consider the messages we’re sharing with our small world (people nearby) and wider world.

And no, this is not about everyone broadcasting on the internet and having a podcast. This is more about how we are SHARING our gift, thoughts, talents, compassion, and essence.  It’s about how you carry yourself, what you do, where you spend your time. You are a channel that is “on” and if you’re out in the world, online or not, people are getting information and input from you.  What are you putting into the pipeline this week?  Will it be uplifting, informative, artistic, funny, angry, sad?      There’s a role for all the things you have to express and ways to express it all if you look for them this week.

This is a great reminder for those who are moving up their career ladder, or who are looking for a partner (for work or romance).  Those who connect to our wavelength have to have something to go on. Dusting off the energetic “microphone” and finding things to express yourself can only help you find the dates, mates, and clientele that match you and can form a great community for you to live and thrive in.

Back in the old days, it was hard for long-haired cat owners,  knitting enthusiasts, and cloud painters to find each other. Today it’s a lot easier.  Let the “COMM” in COMMUNITY be your communication guide this week!  **ps –  if you’re communing, it’s more likely that your own little “angels” will ring you and give you messages 😉 (intuition, heart, dreams)

About this deck: The Original Angel Cards: Inspirational Messages and Meditations by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake is a set of 72 playfully illustrated, tiny cards for inspiration, creativity, meditation and more.  It is published by Allegro Corporation.