Child; card of the week, 18th May 2015

card 5.18.2015

Since they’re not my usual personal style, I often pass over cards like these, but sometimes a gentle message  is just just what we need.  These remind me of the kind of cards I used to get as a kid from my grandmother. They were special, a little twee but usually delivered an important message.

The cute guardian angel of “child” sits perched in a tree most of us wouldn’t give a second look to, rocking her Full House hair-do,  jamming on her lute.  She’s not afraid to climb to new places, or to expose her talents.  Child energy is all about innocence, and assuming that the best will happen (or at least being less willing to dig around and look for reasons why it won’t) .  Child energy can investigate new things without pressure or over-focus of the adult mind.  This week, these are all the ingredients you’ll need.

“Child” also represents actual children, of course.  Think of the children in your life and how you are or aren’t connecting to the themes of innocence.  Teaching, and child focus can pop up even if you don’t have your own kids, there might be a special young person who is relying on you for some help and guidance this week.  (And remember, “child” is all relative!  Your nearest kid-at-heart could need you too)   — It might help both of you if you’re able to keep your grasp on child energy and have an innocent outlook.

Child energy seems to be coming across in other ways too.  This has been a pivotal week where some  people are reporting some seriously miraculous and  wonderful shifts in the status quo, while others are in experiences that feel like the uncomfortable shedding of things outmoded and out grown.     This card is great for this dual purpose;  for those embarking on a splendid adventure are reminded to be open minded and innocent, while it reminds those who have outgrown something  not forgo those trees that seem bare – you can climb them too, you can sit amongst the branches and sing even if things seem weird or uncomfortable.   If you’ve ever seen posts about the unintentionally hilarious drawings and letters kids write, you know that children aren’t self conscious about the uncertain challenges of change.

Whether inwardly or outwardly focused, don’t be afraid  to find your messy, ok-with-it innocent side this week.



About this Deck;  Saints and Angels Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue.   This   44 card deck is published by Hay House.  These cards came to me as a second hand gift and feature angels saints and religious themes with simple keywords and gentle messages.

The Taming Power of Compassion; Card of the Week, 24th November, 2014

card 11.25.2014


Each tarot deck, for example, carries similar traditional meanings and associations for the cards – but each deck puts its own “spin” and imprint on the theme. Thus is the case with this week’s card, “Strength” in Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s “Angel Tarot Cards”  — and yes, we’ve seen the Strength Major Arcana card before this year.  (Even in this deck!)   That means it’s time for a new spin ourselves:

from the LWB:

“This card comes to you because you need to realise that you’re stronger than you realize. You can definitely handle your current situation. However, instead of ‘powering through it,’ you’re better off with an approach with compassion, kindness and gentleness. The strength that this situation calls for comes from the softness of a spiritual core…    Your strength and effectiveness increase as you believe in yourself and your ability to grow from the experiences you have in life. Look upon challenges as opportunities to learn and apply your knowledge and magical touch.”

Almost universally, a lion is depicted in the “Strength” card  – often with a beautiful woman subduing and controlling the lion’s power not through brute strength or cruelty, but by inner strength and grace.  This week, this card is suggesting to us that we’re tougher and far stronger than we realise.. armed with mechanisms to protect us and help us succeed. This won’t happen by beating others over the head or forcing them to bend to our will, however.    It doesn’t even mean that we’re going to FORCE things to happen for ourselves.. but that we can overcome and find solutions to things by being in the kinder, gentler side of our personality.

Especially around the holidays, everyone needs a little bit more compassion and compassion is one of those signals that has been coming up a lot lately. Sure, you can size people up – and yes you WILL judge them sometimes,  but allow your compassion to rise to the challenge so that you can see those who are struggling, making mistakes or not doing what you want them to do in a more compassionate light.

Seeing ourselves (and others) as innocent helps temper our human tendency to blame others and condemn them.  Maybe Aunt Ethel is bringing sweet potatoes to Thanksgiving dinner even though you told her four times that you were making candied yams.  Yes it’s so easy to say, “You did this on purpose!! What are you, stupid?  You’re wrong! You’re making life difficult for me.” …   but it’s just as simple, believe it or not, to bring innocence back into the equation.   “Well, Aunt Ethel is trying to help. She wants to share her special sweet potatoes.. and after all…. she wants to be with us and spend time with us.”

Use your power of forgiveness and patience this week.  Those elements can forge a sword that can cut through the thickest wall of crap, the densest thicket of drama.  Your wisdom to shine a light on things and change things depends on you using your “gentle” powers this week.     Anyone behind you on the path, or not where you are, or not up to snuff for you deserves that compassion and connection from you.   Whether that’s in your own family or in the world at large around you this week.  (especially with a lot of tense dramas unfolding in the news)

Gratitude and kindness, those very things that some of us are celebrating in “Thanksgiving” this week are those things that can really make us TOUGH AND STRONG and cut through any problem.


About this deck:    The Angel Tarot (a full 78 card deck)  by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine  is illustrated by Steve Roberts and is published by Hay House

New friends: card of the week 26th May, 2014


card 5.27.2014

This week’s message is a day later than normal … but right on time (I was away for the Memorial Day holiday where we were out of town and spending time with family members  visiting different cemeteries) … since everything happens at just the right moment.     The last in the not-often-used-decks theme for May, this is a Doreen Virtue “Healing with The Fairies Oracle Deck”  I was given for review.     There must be actual fairies in this deck because this one LEAPT out of the deck, so the message this week is an important one!

This week, it’s important to  open up your heart and mind to the prospect of making new friends.   The time has come for new people and new experiences to enter your life.   In fact, you might have noticed this theme lately with friends who are moving away, or perhaps friends who you just don’t feel like you “fit” with the same way, or for some other reason don’t seem to be lining up with you the way they once did.    That doesn’t mean that the old friends need to be tossed out for trash day, it doesn’t even mean that your old friends are permanently disappearing from your life, it simply means that your friendship tree is growing new branches and new roots to sustain you and give you life.

If you’re dating or looking for romance, this card also speaks to the prospect of letting new people IN and getting to know them.  Maybe even thinking of them as friends instead of people to keep at the pointy end of a sharpened spear.  Seeing potential friends and allies is a lot less pressure for your mind than seeing everyone as Miss Right, or Mr. Future Husband.         Let’s face it:  meeting other people is pretty scary to the part of us that doesn’t want to get hurt, doesn’t want to be rejected.    We’d much rather cry in our milk about how nobody is coming around, but in reality we’re often afraid of the very thing we say we want so much because it means change and opening up.

It doesn’t matter if the friend in this week’s guidance is a true blue friend, a supporter, a peer group, a date, a business partner, or something else… the message is about simply dropping the drawbridge over that moat that surrounds your heart and letting yourself get to know new people and grow some of those new foundations that will be so awesome for you!  You owe it to yourself to see what wonderful fruit and benefits come with those new branches by simply being open to new experiences and friends. After all, hasn’t the OLD way been a little lonely?      Letting in friends often has a domino effect on your personal, business and romantic relationships… improving ALL of them.

One of the biggest reasons we don’t want to meet new friends or open up to other people is because somewhere down the line someone hurt us in the past.  And because we’ve been hurt, we haven’t found confidence in the future or that things can be different.

But you know what?  Those strange people are just like you and they want company and support too… do they really deserve all that junk from what someone ELSE did?    No!     And what’s more… you’re a lot more amazing than you give yourself credit for.  Whatever you feel you can’t handle is actually something you can!  It’s time to let people see (and appreciate)  how great you are, and conversely for you to see the good in other people.      And that illusion that friends are hard to find?  They’re NOT! Within a stones throw, there are nice people willing to help you with your day and even a few who share values, interests and hobbies.

The old motto of “half-heartedly connect to other people/must protect myself”  can be traded in for, “I’m going to dive right in and see people as the friends they are!”           Why are you scared?  Maybe because you think you can control others or must protect yourself from all risk.  That’s not how it works, though.   Some people will not play well with who you are.  That’s a fact of life, but if you keep EVERYONE out, you’ll miss the ones who could connect with you on a deeper level.  If you open up and believe in your strength and spirit  to allow other people to be who they are,  then you’ll be able to be who you really are and can  have a LOT of fun and marvelous connections.   If someone doesn’t mesh and blend with you, why is that a big deal?  So what?   Simply focus back on those who DO and let resentments go.

An additional meaning of this card is “new friends” in the people that you know already.  Is there some way that your current friendships and relationships could have new experiences, attitudes and outlooks? Don’t half arse your friends this week.  “I’m going to dive right in!” is your motto!

PS. Don’t forget your FURRY friends this week.


About this deck:  Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards  — by Doreen Virtue (illustrated by various)  is published by Hay House.