The Bluebell Wood; Card of the Week 30th, June 2014

card 6.30.2014

In all the vast proliferation of cards, decks and illustrations available  in the world,  this particular card (from The Victorian Fairy Tarot) is one of my very favourites ever!     In tarot, the “Fool”  represents the human journey through life (the Major Arcana often referred to as “The Fool’s Journey”)  but more importantly, he symbolises the part of us that is always evolving and taking new steps into new adventures and new stages of life.  This card bears the number “0” which represents the  unlimited potential of a starting point.      The Fool is innocent, spontaneous, unaware of all the things that lie before him and in that beautiful simplicity he’s unafraid of stepping forward, unafraid of all the unknowns.    Like a child who doesn’t over-think his next steps or think about what can go wrong, the fool’s innocence keeps him from being stuck.   A new phase is coming, like it or not and the Fool’s sense of wonder makes him ready and enthusiastic.

In traditional Waite Rider cards, the Fool is often portrayed as a boy perched atop a cliff with his wary pup nipping at his heels as he steps into the void, but in  this one,  a young man wanders into a beautiful twilight bluebell glade and is enchanted by the fairies who reside there.  In the language of flowers, bluebells represent “enchantment”  (in Scotland, fairies were said to cast an enchantment on anyone who would pick or trespass on bluebells).       There are two definitions of “enchantment”:  a) a force superseding our typical will and, b) a state of wonder and delight.         It’s apparent in this drawing that BOTH kinds of enchantment are acting on our traveler, the Fool.      As with the blindness of the fool in the traditional tarot illustrations, here our traveler has the magical enchantment of the fairies taking over and leading him blindly into a new realm… but it’s one of brightness, delight, and wonder.

Sometimes it might seem foolish to let our  thoughtful faculties and cautious deliberation to stand aside.  What if we step in a hole? What if the Fool is, well, FOOLISH?    But there are other times when it’s foolish NOT to be enchanted and driven by forces outside our usual way of sizing things up.  This is week is one of those times.    Your cautious ego is like the protective  pup in the picture… watching over his master but powerless to stop the enchanting forces of magic and fairy dust in the air.  It’s better to let that delight, magic and wonder unfold this week than to try to stop it.     Be the innocent explorer this week, allow a sense of enchantment to permeate your heart and mind. After all, most of us have been feeling Mercury Retrograde-y waves of mental and emotional stress lately and it’s time to let go and let those “fairies” (new experiences and whims) guide you.    Your brain solves a lot of problems for you.  It does a great job of sizing things up a lot of the time…. but you know what? It’s not always so foolproof.  Sometimes we have to let our emotions,  a sense of magic or even life’s strange whims hop in the driver’s seat instead of our measured intellect and ego ESPECIALLY when new patterns and stages in our lives are trying to be born.  If we didn’t let that “magic” take over now and then we’d constantly be trying to drive back to our old homes and places we cannot go back to instead of finding the enchanted forest!

The thing about being an innocent explorer is that in this state we realise that we’re no different than those bluebells growing and expanding towards the light and unfolding in new pathways.  Every new phase or step let’s us express our spirit, or gain wisdom.   It’s not always about anticipating everything and knowing everything and plotting, planning and having it all figured out.    If you’ve found yourself at wits end about what way is the RIGHT way, or if you’ve been too swayed by your analytical super-powers to move in ANY direction, then this “enchantment” week is a perfect time for you to let those subtle influences lead you – even if you don’t know exactly where you’re going yet.    What has been “tugging” on you lately?  What bluebell glade did you step into lately?  Where is the “magic” trying to take you?  Where is wonder or delight trying to take you?  Stop thinking and LET YOURSELF BE LEAD!


About this deck:    The  Victorian Fairy Tarot  by Lunaea Weatherstone and Gary Lippincott, published by Llewellyn,  is one of the most beautifully painted and illustrated tarot decks ever created.  I will soon be posting a link to a full deck review on this 78 card deck and book set.

New friends: card of the week 26th May, 2014


card 5.27.2014

This week’s message is a day later than normal … but right on time (I was away for the Memorial Day holiday where we were out of town and spending time with family members  visiting different cemeteries) … since everything happens at just the right moment.     The last in the not-often-used-decks theme for May, this is a Doreen Virtue “Healing with The Fairies Oracle Deck”  I was given for review.     There must be actual fairies in this deck because this one LEAPT out of the deck, so the message this week is an important one!

This week, it’s important to  open up your heart and mind to the prospect of making new friends.   The time has come for new people and new experiences to enter your life.   In fact, you might have noticed this theme lately with friends who are moving away, or perhaps friends who you just don’t feel like you “fit” with the same way, or for some other reason don’t seem to be lining up with you the way they once did.    That doesn’t mean that the old friends need to be tossed out for trash day, it doesn’t even mean that your old friends are permanently disappearing from your life, it simply means that your friendship tree is growing new branches and new roots to sustain you and give you life.

If you’re dating or looking for romance, this card also speaks to the prospect of letting new people IN and getting to know them.  Maybe even thinking of them as friends instead of people to keep at the pointy end of a sharpened spear.  Seeing potential friends and allies is a lot less pressure for your mind than seeing everyone as Miss Right, or Mr. Future Husband.         Let’s face it:  meeting other people is pretty scary to the part of us that doesn’t want to get hurt, doesn’t want to be rejected.    We’d much rather cry in our milk about how nobody is coming around, but in reality we’re often afraid of the very thing we say we want so much because it means change and opening up.

It doesn’t matter if the friend in this week’s guidance is a true blue friend, a supporter, a peer group, a date, a business partner, or something else… the message is about simply dropping the drawbridge over that moat that surrounds your heart and letting yourself get to know new people and grow some of those new foundations that will be so awesome for you!  You owe it to yourself to see what wonderful fruit and benefits come with those new branches by simply being open to new experiences and friends. After all, hasn’t the OLD way been a little lonely?      Letting in friends often has a domino effect on your personal, business and romantic relationships… improving ALL of them.

One of the biggest reasons we don’t want to meet new friends or open up to other people is because somewhere down the line someone hurt us in the past.  And because we’ve been hurt, we haven’t found confidence in the future or that things can be different.

But you know what?  Those strange people are just like you and they want company and support too… do they really deserve all that junk from what someone ELSE did?    No!     And what’s more… you’re a lot more amazing than you give yourself credit for.  Whatever you feel you can’t handle is actually something you can!  It’s time to let people see (and appreciate)  how great you are, and conversely for you to see the good in other people.      And that illusion that friends are hard to find?  They’re NOT! Within a stones throw, there are nice people willing to help you with your day and even a few who share values, interests and hobbies.

The old motto of “half-heartedly connect to other people/must protect myself”  can be traded in for, “I’m going to dive right in and see people as the friends they are!”           Why are you scared?  Maybe because you think you can control others or must protect yourself from all risk.  That’s not how it works, though.   Some people will not play well with who you are.  That’s a fact of life, but if you keep EVERYONE out, you’ll miss the ones who could connect with you on a deeper level.  If you open up and believe in your strength and spirit  to allow other people to be who they are,  then you’ll be able to be who you really are and can  have a LOT of fun and marvelous connections.   If someone doesn’t mesh and blend with you, why is that a big deal?  So what?   Simply focus back on those who DO and let resentments go.

An additional meaning of this card is “new friends” in the people that you know already.  Is there some way that your current friendships and relationships could have new experiences, attitudes and outlooks? Don’t half arse your friends this week.  “I’m going to dive right in!” is your motto!

PS. Don’t forget your FURRY friends this week.


About this deck:  Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards  — by Doreen Virtue (illustrated by various)  is published by Hay House.