The art of Practice; Card of the week 23rd November 2015

card 11.23.2015


This Doreen Virtue deck is filled with homey guidance especially geared towards kids.  The card drawn today (as with most things we guide children to do) applies to all us grown ups too.  (Remember when your music teacher would say, “practice makes perfect?”  – she was on to something! )     This card is especially on target because much of this month’s “get things done” theme has been about practicing and ingraining new routines.  I can’t believe how many synchronicities have arisen around this theme – with lots of things echoing this message.

For me personally, this has meant focusing on some really exciting new developments and a creative project I’ve been spending a lot of time on.    To do that effectively, I found I needed to really reinforce new productive habits,  –  and  because things have been a little hectic and discombobulated in a time of change, I’ve had to reinforce even those routines  I’ve always done (like meditation or walking).  When times change, even the things we used to do like clockwork can fly off-kilter and we have to learn new ways to reinforce our old routines as well as find new ones.

Apps (like the previously mentioned “Fabulous: motivate me!” app for android)  have helped me focus on some of the most popular productivity tips (such as goal targeting or distraction-free work periods)  and apps and websites like Evernote and Trello can help organize information and project progress, but  none of these tools really work without a conscious choice to create daily actions…. again and again!  All the Franklin Covey planners, Pomodoro Techniques, reminders and do dads in the world can’t help you do anything at all if you don’t consistently make a ritual of their use until they become part of your new habit!  (when that “reminder” goes off.. do you act on it?)

This card  reminds us that no matter what brilliant idea, plan or objective we have… it’s building new habits that solidify intentions and attraction.     You can plan to run a big marathon, get a stopwatch, an activity planner, a heart-rate monitor, instruction manuals and running shoes… but unless you get out and actually do some consistent running, your goal will always be somewhere over the rainbow.    If our heart and intention is in sync with our goal, we will be open to those steps and consistent tasks that can create what we want.

It’s a mistake to think that soulful work or the things we really are meant to do will somehow give us tons of motivation and passion every minute of the day.  We’ll be building mashed potato mountains and making things happen like the fevered artists in movies.  Nope!!!   In reality, there will be days when you don’t want to do the new habit (or the old habit that you used to be great at).  I have written articles on meditation and I’ve recommended meditation for clients for years, but in the last months it’s been hard for me to be consistent.  “Well, I’m tired… I’ll do it tomorrow,” at night and, “I have so much to do … maybe I’ll get started on my important tasks and meditate later on.”        — I’ve even had to push myself to act on changes I DO feel passionate about (artistic projects).

When it comes to internal changes in perspective (about love, or ourselves) building new habits and practicing are just as important.   Life is like learning a piano piece.  Keep going, even if you hit a clunker, even if you don’t want to practice, even if you’re tired or don’t always feel like it.. and note by note, a song of great beauty will emerge!  (This card is sitting on a book of Chopin music … which is some of the most difficult to play and which seemingly requires hands with more than the usual five digits… but which is worth all that practicing!)

About this deck:   Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue Ph.D. is published by HAY HOUSE.     This 44 card deck is especially tailored towards children and contain cards relating to the themes of childhood.  Whimsical unicorns will appeal to kids and kids at heart.

Horse of a different… (card of the week 19th, May 2014)



card 5.19.2014

Most people know I don’t really gravitate towards decks that are too twee, fairy-strewn or “unicorn-y”, but I bought this deck at a fair a few years ago.. on purpose!   I wanted to find some decks that could open up creativity and problems solving with parents and children.       See?  Everyone can be different or surprising.   (It’s also in keeping with the motif of this month, using decks I don’t often use or aren’t the usual)

And that’s what this little Unicorn fella is all about this week.   Sometimes the advice we give to children, is the very advice that we, as adults, need to hear  the most.   From our grade-school training we know (or should) that it’s ok to have freckles, it’s ok to be in a wheelchair, it’s OK to be something other than the usual,  that kind of difference is “obvious” –  but how often do you catch yourself  not applying this rule when it comes to yourself and following your OWN unique path that is unlike anyone else’s?

Here’s an example I hear a lot:  “It seems to me that everyone I know is getting married or having a baby.”     or  “Other people who have tried to attempt x,y,z have had a hard time and failed.”       — instead of allowing ourselves to have our OWN unique experience, we’re often looking to other people as if gathering tons of anecdotal information has something to do with what we will experience.   It doesn’t.      Your unique, different, one-of-a-kind pathway and way of being is yours alone.       At times you’ll have the experience of others, but NOT ALWAYS!   Allow yourself to be different and remember that different doesn’t mean worse.      You will never figure out what’s possible for YOU, by finding out what’s possible for other people.

Comparing yourself to anyone else won’t make your path better, faster, more successful or in any way different. What it will do (if your comparisons are silent competition) is make you feel BAD about yourself and defeated about your own unique path.     See how that works?    The fear part of ourselves really doesn’t want to win the game because that means taking risks and and believing in ourselves even when we DON’T know what’s around the corner.

This week, embrace anything about you that is DIFFERENT, unique, or happening on your own special time-table.    You do not have to be like anyone else in order to be totally, absolutely, perfect.   Also… if you find yourself in a relationship or circumstance this week that isn’t what you’ve come to expect over the last many years, maybe that “different”  thing that is happening right now is a GOOD thing in the long run!


About this deck:   Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue Ph.D. is published by HAY HOUSE.     Most of my Virtue decks are gifts or review decks, but this is one of the few I sought out on my own.    This 44 card deck is especially tailored towards children and contain cards relating to the themes of childhood.  Whimsical unicorns will appeal to kids and kids at heart.