Easy Goes it; Card of the Week, 14th December 2015

card 12.14.2015

Two cards this week  (including  one “jumper”)   and they go so perfectly together and are great clues about how to be our most giving and receptive selves.

Being easy going is something the adult, productive, disciplined get-things-done side of ourselves doesn’t usually embrace, but that skill is  plays a huge role in  things coming to us easily!  You can get more done, see more opportunities, and be more receptive if you let go a little bit.

This week being flexible might be a necessity.  December is an intense energy month and an intense time when a lot of people celebrate holidays and there’s more “hubbub” happening than normal. There are parties to go to, food to make, presents to wrap, family to deal with… and even if you don’t do any of those things, you have to deal with the people who do.    Things might not go the way you originally think or hope that they will.   Being flexible will let you roll with what’s going on and get things done anyway.

No matter what the situation, not expecting things to be a certain way can help you embrace things as they are and that can help you enjoy yourself a lot more.  For example, we don’t always get the wonderful family and friends of TV sit-coms, we get the human, flawed ones we’ve got.   Not every gift or meal can be Martha Stewart-esque and not every get together is going to be like a Hallmark movie where everyone hugs and sings at the end.   But, some of the very  best things come out of imperfection.

Playfulness sees innocence where our reasoning minds are hardened and practical.  Playfulness is not only about having fun but also in seeing the humour in every day things.  One of my favourite winter/holiday memories is of a terrible blizzard that hit one year as we planned to visit an out of state aunt.   What began as a huge disappointment ended up being a snow-fort building, hot-chocolate making, casserole building great time.

The best way to RECEIVE (and give) is to not have a rigid and inflexible idea about how things should be. This week, budge and give a little bit. Be playful, let life surprise you, make messy but delicious cookies and do something unexpected.    Or maybe you can shake things up and introduce a little bit of flexibility and fun to your family and friends.

Have a great week!

About this deck: The Original Angel Cards: Inspirational Messages and Meditations by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake is a set of 72 playfully illustrated, tiny cards for inspiration, creativity, meditation and more.  It is published by Allegro Corporation.

The Great Pumpkin Patch: Cards of the Week 27th October 2014

card 10.27.2014 1



This week we have two special cards from the adorable “Halloween Tarot” deck to celebrate this final week of October.  It is said that during the time of the 31st through November 2nd (Celebrated around the world in Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, All Souls Day, Samhain, All Saints Day) we’re more receptive to inspiration, guidance  and to the world beyond our own.

In this version, the Sun card  is depicted as a scene of happy comfort within an ogre cave -with a sun rising outside just outside,  sun flowers  bouncing,  a cute bouquet in a vase brightening the room and an air of contentment on the faces of everyone present. Ogre is snacking on a tasty bone, and the bat- mom is waking up from a happy dream while baby bat sleeps with a smile on her face.  Even the skulls are happy to play with the kitty or prop up the Ogre twins as they snack.

This week’s SUN is about  embracing our path with a sense of excitement, positivity, and well-being instead of being shackled by the old way of doing things or being confined by the incessant need to “control”.  The sun says that the rain clouds of  Mercury Retrograde and solar eclipse transformation (or whatever struggle you have experienced or believe in)  are on their way out and the sun will be shining again even more strongly than before.   This is the sun warming our faces and drying the puddles of gloom in our practical lives,  but it also speaks of the insights and understandings that have dawned on us and the secret, important messages bubbling up in our heart of hearts. This is about your life’s purpose, your path and any deep change that you’re processing on a spiritual or practical level.      That said, it’s not time to be bogged down with seriousness or to lose sight of the warming rays of the sun.    That feeling of newness we have when the sun first breaks from a storm is “anything is possible” and that energy may start to bubble within us this week.    Sun is about happiness and joy and relaxation. – Grace without effort.   This is not a time to try to contrive or create happiness… but just to enjoy and open up a little bit … get into the simple pleasures of your life.  The sun is all about innocent simplicity instead of scheming and elaborate plans. In the original Rider-Waite imagery, the Sun depicts a child riding hands free on a horse…   this is a time to LET GO and enjoy and to let the momentum lead you.

card 10.27.2014 2

The second card is the Seven of Pumpkins (really the 7 of pentacles)

Remember the Great Pumpkin?   For those of you who grew up on another planet, Linus in the cartoon series Peanuts believed that the Great Pumpkin would choose the most sincere pumpkin patch and on Halloween night, he’d rise up bringing toys and goodies for all. Unfortunately for Linus,  his pumpkin patch was often driven by dogged anxiety even though his faithfulness was without question.  Time and time again, he’d wait all night for the Great Pumpkin to appear.  Don’t we all know that feeling?   Well here it is!  The Great Pumpkin.

This card is about being satisfied in our effort and taking some time to admire the sincerity of our pumpkin patch. We’ve done a really good job tending something carefully…  that good things can grow and a reward can be held in your hand.   The Seven of Pumpkins is a really successful and wonderful card for this week!   This is also a time of considering where to put our efforts so that we are not putting effort into something with no returns or no pay-out.  We’re considering what to plant, what to water and how it can be really useful to us and others instead of just mindlessly putting our energy into things that don’t support our higher good.   But remember, this is not the time to bog yourself down in weighty determinations about these matters.. the Sun card still applies to the pumpkin patch! It’s time to let go,  admire what we’ve done so far and take simple pleasure and joy.  To be sincere is to take action from genuine feelings (instead of fear)  and there’s no better way to feel more whole-hearted and genuine than to let yourself be in out in the sun, appreciating your efforts and growth.   Maybe the Great Pumpkin will visit after all!


great pumpkin


Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year and I love  the different traditions of fun and sharing fun with others.   I watch scary movies if I can,  decorate the outside of the house, pass out treats,  and perform Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor on an organ for the little ghouls and goblins Winking smile   (I’m sure they’re too young to get the Vincent Price old-movie nod in that but it’s fun for ME!)

— even if you don’t celebrate Halloween this is a good week for a little fun – have a good one!

About this deck:   The Halloween Tarot by Karin Lee and Kipling West is published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  and is a 78 card deck featuring Halloween themed images. This deck is really cute and it’s one that many people use all year round. The images are non-scary and the book gives insight into the traditions and symbolism of the season.

Playing in the bubbles, Card of the week, 11th August 2014



Victorian Fairy Tarot Ten of Summer


Another of our August nature theme cards comes to us for the week.   From the Victorian Fairy Oracle, my favourite card in the deck “10 of Summer” (10 of cups- one of the most positive cards in the traditional tarot)!   In this truly gorgeous painting by Gary Lippincott, we see fairies in gowns and spider-wool swim-suits, wearing wide brimmed boaters and sun hats – all frolicking by a summer brook.  A tiny waterfall cascades and creates their summer wonderland.  Young and old are gathering and spending time together near the iridescent bubbles breaking and the lilies-of-the-valley blooming.   Two older fairies gab by a rock,  others take a dive, and one little fairy is even using this energy to pursue creative visions as he draws the scene.

This week’s card speaks of a “heaven on Earth”… where we’re making a choice to be  surrounded by happiness, joy and emotional fulfillment.   In the traditional Rider-Waite imagery for this card, we see a rainbow spreading overhead with a family heralding joy as a river rushes by.  The family represents bonding and stability and the  rainbow  (seen here in the rainbow bubbles) represents the end of hard times.   Things can feel pretty darned wonderful this week if we allow ourselves to let go and enjoy the warmth radiating in. 

This is not a time when we can try to stop the flow of the river though, trying to get in the way or trying to over-process or overdo will not work for us.  It’s also time to let miscommunications or instances of petty ego go.. this is not the week you’re going to conquer other people  — instead, it’s a week to enjoy, to be honest, to be clear, to get past any game playing (emotional or mental)  so you can actually PLAY!    This will require being totally honest with yourself … and your playmates.      Give up any plans to make someone else suffer, make them “sweat it out” , to cause jealousy,  or to to otherwise tap-dance on someone else’s egoic fears.  Why?  Because this is going to bum you out far more than it will ever impact them.    In the rainbow bubble energy of happiness and bounty, grievances can be left aside and you can return to a place of seeing yourself (and others) as innocent.  

The bubbling brook/river in the 10 of cups is about emotional release… letting go of any emotional baggage we’ve been lugging around.   See those fairies? They’re packing light for their day in the sun, and that’s a hint for you this week as well.  Allow yourself to feel the “blips” of pain or negativity as you face what’s within and what you have to do next (after all facing things is not always easy and in fact many of us have received some clarity over the last couple of months about our path and how we need to CHANGE ourselves … sometimes this has been tough or scary or daunting) but this week you can keep releasing those old over-stuffed suitcases!   You can take some deep breaths and feel like things are going to be ok, you can make choices to see things as not so bad.    It may feel as though you’re being beckoned into this wonderful scene, but you can’t fit through the gate with all your same old luggage… and that it’s OK to lighten your load and feel more free and playful.   As I often write, play can take many forms… from out and out fun and games, to more spiritual forms of “play”  and even creativity.  No matter how you play.. you’re going to find that this innocent energy helps solve some of the more tricky problems you’ve been working on.

Speaking of play, this week it’s time for a more childlike outlook and to allow ourselves to be pulled into some real-world merriment instead of staying late to work or hammering a project into the wee hours.  Whether you’re like the fairies in the painting talking and enjoying others, taking in the views, or even spending some time in your solo creativity, let yourself do a little goofing off and frivolity this week.    Playing games, drawing, enjoying the weather, hitting an amusement park, taking a hike, or anything else that is fun for you – it’s just what you need to make all that you need to work on or create flow even more!


enjoy the week!


About this deck:    The  Victorian Fairy Tarot  by Lunaea Weatherstone and Gary Lippincott, published by Llewellyn,  is one of the most beautifully painted and illustrated tarot decks ever created.  Check out my full review of this deck in psychic Guidepost Magazine available online here.