Comforting Cup of Tea: Card of the week, 10th November 2014

card 11.10.2014

Since the remains of Alaskan typhoon Nuri are bringing a blast of freezing cold temperatures through most of the country this week,  and since we could all use a hot cup of tea right about now,  I thought I’d pick from the Tea Leaf Oracle Fortune Cards.  In tasseomancy (the art of reading tea leaves)  shapes and symbols are read together in combinations to derive meanings.    In the card version, we have two cards “Wreath” and “Eagle”  to give us inspiration.

This  week’s cards are about feeling like an undue burden that has befallen us, but in reality  being able to rise above and triumph over troubles.   This could represent a past loss or discomfort, but many cases it just might be crying over spilled milk, something we think we don’t have, or something we think isn’t fair (even if it’s mostly in our minds).  We might feel like we have some kind of overwhelming or insurmountable odds to take on (like polishing an entire bathroom floor with a toothbrush)  but in reality we have all the tools to succeed.   Whatever feels “daunting” this week,  may not be what it seems.

It’s normal, fine and OK to be disappointed with a challenge that pops up. There are times when a thick coating of frost appears on your windshield and you have to get out the scraper and mittens, grumbling about the sunny weather just a few days ago.   That doesn’t mean, however, that being disappointed is your new call to arms, your new Life mission.  To feel burdened is normal and even wise (it can help you figure out the genius new way to make things work better!) but staying in a state of downtrodden “woe is me” is definitely NOT the way to go because there are other things beckoning your energy this week.  The entire message is “don’t be burdened by things that aren’t really a burden”.

Sometimes those mental or imaginary burdens are sneaky… we think about a worry often enough that it seems REAL when it really isn’t.  (it could be about your looks, what others are doing, finances, etc.) You might have to sit down and really take a look at those burdens that are in your mind, and those that are merely challenges that you have the smarts , know-how and MacGyver skills to overcome this week.

Sometimes this symbol can allude to a “whiny pessimist” in our ranks. It might very well be that your best friend, co-worker or neighbour is throwing the world’s biggest pity party and inviting you to join. Whether that’s the case, or if it’s your own ego throwing the party, there’s better things for you to do with your time.     Let the whiner whine, give a commiserating hug, but then rise above it and get back to your own tasks.  (That will also help your friend get back on track too). You might also be able to cheer others up this week and help give them hope.

A sense of sadness should not overtake all your other emotions to the extent that you lose sight of the path ahead of you.  After all, this is a time of triumphing over troubles, and sailing a mile high over obstacles that might be on your path.  Let yourself rise up and see the big picture with eagle eyes instead of down in the trenches with ant eyes.   Stay warm, everyone!


About this deck:   The Tea Leaf Fortune Cards by  Rae Hepburn and illustrated by Shawna Alexander is published by  US Games System is a 200 card deck and book.