A Big Bouquet, Card of the Week 14 July 2014


card 7.14.2014


This Lenormand card is a really GREAT one to bloom for us this week.   The bouquet is about all things that could make us smile, rejoice and give thanks.      Again the theme of “something surprising and joyous” presents itself, but more directly this time.

This week we may have this positive association of “things going well”  pop up in a myriad of ways.  Traditionally the bouquet card means that something good is underway;  a period of illness or “blah” my improve,  things may work out in your favour at work or  in a situation around your career,  or something really marvellous could happen around love and relationships.

With all this glad tiding abounding, it might feel easy to get what you want, but you’re put on notice to not squander the goodness. Appreciate it instead of being careless, wasteful or unconscious.   Savour the good stuff with other people without assuming that something worse is coming later (“doom-futuring”) and without taking them (and the special times) for granted.       For those who are going through a time of letting go, or of loss,  the bouquet represents the presence, support and company of others to help us process our feelings and to help us take care of our hearts.

See the little bee in the image?   The little bee suggests that while things are comin’ up roses, we STILL must be aware of the work we’re constantly called to do.   Being mindful of ourselves, how we treat others, how we treat ourselves, and how we’re working on or goals doesn’t take a nap just because glorious blooms are unfurling.   This is not the time to swill at the trough of good things, it’s time to APPRECIATE, have fun, and include others in these glad tidings.

This card is also associated with the number “9” …. think creatively about what this may mean for you this week.  The number “9” is also sometimes associated with altruism, consciousness, compassion, seeing others in a positive light.    The planet Jupiter’s association with this card relates to 9s social consciousness because Jupiter is often represents the way we express tolerance, generosity and kindness towards one another. It also represents the best that life has to offer.


About this deck:   the “Mystisches Lenormand” illustrated by the wonderful Urban Trösch in trompe l’oeil style  egg-tempura paintings,  is a 36 card traditional Lenormand deck published by Königsfurt-Urania. If you can get your hands on this rare deck, I highly recommend it.  It’s tiny, it’s strange and awesome.