You are Not Afraid; Card of the Week 30th March 2015

card 3.30.2015

This week I’m using one of my favourite “light” decks, because it was a gift and because I’m looking forward to something light after a couple of weeks of all the astrological (and otherwise) intensity.  It’s time for family celebrations and time off, which I’m looking forward to!    What a great little reminder this card is.

We see the image of tiny David facing down big-behemoth galoot  Goliath with only his sling and stone to protect him.  We can’t even see the top of the giant’s head, so we can’t even see everything we’re dealing with.  (Familiar feeling lately, no?)     Poor David, he doesn’t seem to be such a mighty adversary for a giant, but in the end (according to the story) he wings that rock into Goliath’s forehead, defeats his foe and lops off Goliath’s head.  It’s no wonder this story has come to represent “the underdog succeeding in spite of tough odds.”

In the picture, David seems to be scratching his head, “How can I possibly do this?”  — but… you know what?  HE CAN and you can. No matter what’s been up… cosmically speaking… or how the odds seemed to be stacked during this time of big change,  – you can handle this!  YOU ARE NOT AFRAID, reminds the card.   Within us all, we have a boundless centre core that knows that no matter what is happening around us, we are calm, we are accomplished and we have the stones (no pun intended) to defeat any adversary or foe that has arisen.  Something inside you knows that it is all going to be ok, that even though we might be concerned about “well what will happen?  What if it’s the worst that I imagine?” or we just don’t see how everything is unfolding yet,  there’s something within you that is perfectly ok with what IS.

YOU are NOT AFRAID.  You might be the underdog, you might even feel a little scared here and there… but deep down, you’re not afraid. Whatever gigantic undertaking has begun, whatever tremendous change is afoot, whatever big project or business venture  (remember last week’s theme of growth and business growth?)  or whatever you’re working on — you are not afraid because where you are is just right.  (Proof in the pudding? You’re here, right?)    You’ve got this thang!    I bet, though, that you don’t just have a sling of rocks. I bet you have all kinds of other tools, friends, and a big posse of characters who want to help you get where you’re going!


Have a wonderful week, everyone!

About this deck:     Sonia Choquette’s  “THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE ORACLE” cards (charmingly illustrated by ??? unknown) published by Hay House  has  62 cards.   These are very “cute” cards and messages that have a childlike quality and feel and would be wonderful for kids and kids-at-heart.