Multi-Tasking Fae; Card of the Week 2 November, 2015

card 11.2.2015


Once again – some great synchronicity!   I love this card. It’s funny, over the weekend I’ve been thinking about how this month’s theme is really about getting things done.

Many of us are in an intense period of ramping up effort to change our lives in a significant and meaningful way, or because we have a big endeavour that is finally taking shape.  Many people are feeling that things absolutely MUST change because they can’t, absolutely can’t, go on as they have been! Something has to give.   November and December are months of really stepping up our game and starting to create our vision in a focused way that impacts real life.   2016 is going to be really big, and we’re getting ready now… and we have to be focused and productive.

This card is all about multi-tasking!  Most of us think we’re working so hard and doing so many things that we’re bewildered when we don’t see the ‘cookie’ or the reward for having done such a bang up job of being busy.   (“Where is what I’m looking for?”)   when in reality we’ve been taking on a lot of jobs and energies (and doing tons of things simultaneously)  that make us feel like we’ve worked hard but not necessarily on what we need to.  It also makes it difficult to be consistent with the very actions that would lead us to what we wish to accomplish.

Here we see the fairies zipping around doing a million different things; gathering twigs, studying sea-shells, showing off paintings, brokering deals, learning archery, hustling, toting and going.  There’s so much to do and only so many hours in the day – if we try to “do it all” we end up not enjoying, or feeling truly connected with anything that we’re doing.

Creative energy can be wonderful, but it can also make for creative burnout if we try to do too much of even a good thing. Not only that, it’s all too easy to put our energy into activities that aren’t really the most important ones.    This week, it’s time to get some focus and balance!

There’s no such thing as “multi-tasking.”   Multi-tasking is a myth.  I know… I hear some of you object, “No! I’m an *excellent* multi-tasker.  It’s on my resume!”   but recent studies in neuroscience are proving that our brains can’t actually focus on things simultaneously, we can just switch from one task to another quickly  (or in the case of some of us, not so quickly).

Switching back and forth quickly might seem to be a cool slight of hand to those who can appear to do it, but it isn’t very sustainable and doesn’t give us the results we want.  It’s possible to sit at the piano and  play a Bach piece by rote and read a magazine on the music stand at the same time…..  (don’t ask how I know this lol )    but you can only play in the most mechanical and unemotional way, and barely absorb the words you’re reading.

This week,  allowing yourself to focus on one thing at a time (as well as  more  on those most important tasks and elements of your being) will allow you to be consistent in your efforts and not to fall prey to the ego trick of, “Well I tried that for a day or so and it didn’t work!” or giving up too quickly when we don’t seem to see a reward. We can teach ourselves that real change doesn’t come from scattered or singular attempts to change but repetition, consistency and ingrained new habits.

It’s a great week to do some exploring:   What do I really need to have on my to-do list? What energies can I set aside completely … or just for a few minutes as I work on a block of time for the MOST important thing?      Remember… if you focus your energy on one thing at a time you’ll find that you’re enjoying all the things you have to do and much more able to get everything you want done.


I’m going to be doing some extra posts on this topic this month and also posting some other tips and resources here and on my FB page.  Have an awesome week!!



About this deck:    The  Victorian Fairy Tarot  by Lunaea Weatherstone and Gary Lippincott, published by Llewellyn,  is one of the most beautifully painted and illustrated tarot decks ever created.  Even if you’re not into “fairies” – this one is worth it just for the artwork

SEEING …. Card of the week 13th April 2015

Sometimes we see a great message but don’t want to see it just yet.  In the midst of the chaotic happenings of March (not to mention the eclipse/equinox period we had) I felt a little run down and had a few spots of insomnia.  I chalked it up to a lot of energy and transformation happening  I’m fine… it’s just a little head-cold. In fact, I was so cocky with how I usually breeze through illnesses and bounce back fast I was even telling a friend, “yeah this is the most PLEASANTLY MILD little head-cold ever!”  heck, I even thought I was listening to my inner guidance and seeing wisdom (YOU NEED EXTRA REST. GET SOME REST, LOTS OF STUFF GOING ON, GET SOME BALANCE!) and was on an action plan to sleep better and was taking Umcka cold care tablets dutifully and those always kept roving germs at bay. I felt fantastic for days at a time!  Woo!  Well, unfortunately,  I  “hey everything SEEMS ok… I’ll just pile on a few more items on the plate –I’m doing so good… how bad could a little insomnia be?” and that pleasantly-mild-germ bug dropped the sheeps’ clothing as cold and revealed its wolfish flu fangs a few days later during vacation with an inflamed eye and ear on top of it all!   For days I  was involuntarily swaddled in feverish, aching, nauseated couch confinement.     (No blog last week either!)    — Still feeling cruddy and not up to much  but with a renewed sense of “see!”  lol

This week we have another nudgier nudge along themes we’ve seen over the past couple of weeks.  It’s ok to SEE  – it really is! Seeing is there to help us.  Not be a pain in the butt.   (Not just in terms of silly things like colds or flu but also important things too!)  The fairy Seeresss in this hilarious card is wild about her swirling crystal ball, bows of honeysuckle (said to inspire psychic awareness) hang around her head and she perches on a fantastic mushroom to scry the messages and important awareness within with total fearlessness.  (Isn’t she a hoot?)

Luckily, we don’t really need a crystal ball this week.  This week it’s all about SEEING what we can do (or should do) and feeling a little more attuned to the messages we’re receiving from within and without.    Just like before; there’s really an emphasis on trusting INNER wisdom.  It’s fine and good to get messages from the pennies on the street, feathers in the air or guidance of sage friends or specialists…   but the bulk of the “seeing” is coming from your power to pay attention to voice you’re already hearing within.    Alongside those people or cards giving guidance …. your own internal messenger is speaking up too.   You will flip the card the points to what you felt inside, a friend will reinforce something you yourself already knew….  or maybe your own inner “nudge” will nudge you more firmly.

This card says trust what you know.   The LWB says “don’t second guess yourself. Your inner knowing gives wise guidance. Don’t limit yourself to only the logical and earthly, you may miss an opportunity to grow in wisdom and understanding.”    That means even if you think you are fine and your nasal passages are feeling fantastic, yet that little voice is about cocooning – then listen up.  Let yourself SEE this week…. from the crystal ball of your true heart, to the wonderful world around you which is always a perfect mirror, a wonderful orb of possibility if we want to see (REALLY SEE) what is being mirrored back to us.

Seeing into this shiny surface can give us ideas of what we can do next, what to change, what to rest, what to take hold of, what to let go of, what to surrender, what to gas up.    Plus – another wonderful bonus about “seeing” is that there are often wonderful sights to behold. New glimpses of vistas we thought we forgot about a couple months ago or which used to cause grief can now foster a good look at the situation without denial or fear.


About this deck: About this deck:    The  Victorian Fairy Tarot  by Lunaea Weatherstone and Gary Lippincott, published by Llewellyn,  is one of the most beautifully painted and illustrated tarot decks ever created.  Even if you’re not into “fairies” – this one is worth it just for the artwork

Spring New Moon Super Moon Eclipse! Card of the week, 16th March, 2015

card 3.16.2015

When I drew this card for the week, I actually laughed at how totally spot on it was.  From the moon to the delicate little violets in the picture.

Somehow through the seemingly unending blankets of white (and then brown and soot black) snow, things have growing, unnoticed.  Last week everyone was still  in ugly coats, shoveling driveways and scraping wind-shields and toddling over dead, tan lawns, but this week the sun has suddenly burst on the scene and  today I spied crocuses poking their noses up, daffodils in sunny yellow dresses,  tender little white and purple violets and periwinkle on the vine.   Kids in shorts?    How did it all happen so fast?

There’s a lot of stuff happening (and fast!) this week,  so it makes sense.  Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and on Friday March 20th,  we’ll have three very interesting astronomical events  happening at once, which is very rare!  First, spring is springing with the vernal equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) and  the beginning of the astrological new year starting with Aries.  It also happens to be a total solar eclipse (another total solar eclipse will not happen with a vernal equinox until 2053, and in the 2100s – not at all).    As if that isn’t enough, it will also be a super-moon when the moon is at its closest point possible pass to Earth,  pulling on our tides.  It’s also a new moon  because in order for an eclipse to happen there must be a new or full moon (the earth and moon lined up directly with the sun).

So much great symbolism in these events:  spring represents new birth and new beginnings, and the new astrological year ushers in a new cycle, while the new moon (super moon this time!) is pulling on our emotional and intuitive bodies in the traditional symbolic association of release.  The solar eclipse, super-new-moon equinox also  happens in the 29th degree of Pisces which is said to be astrologically significant. As I mentioned the other day, some astrologers correlate this degree with powerful events of change or misfortune, but it serves us best to not worry but  take in the energy  (or symbolism) as a whole.   This is a week for concrete movement towards new starts, but also concrete revelations about what needs to move out of our lives.

Just as spring quickly moves into view,  we have more energy, and insistence pushing issues of  letting go, and lucidity; the tearing of illusion.  But it won’t necessarily be a painful time for everyone and some will experience  excited nudges towards tapping into creativity and connection to their heart and soul.   Some will even be feeling really positive even in times of change.  For most, change  won’t be in the form of an anvil dropping on us, but rather true clarity and conviction about what we felt back towards the middle of February, those points of awareness about what is no longer able to be part of our lives as well as the willingness to to step out of what we used to know and into new territory.

Another significant theme this week will be around relationships.  The ending of the relationship may have happened a long time ago, or perhaps it was simply a matter of someone unable to join us on this fork of our journey and we’re finally “getting it” or starting to deal with this on a deep level.    For others, this is about the release of our perceptions or illusions that are keeping us from joining a new life fully. We see what we need to see again.  Because emotions are more vivid and a lot is going on this week, keep all relationships and friendships within reach of compassion and patience.  It’s a week for extra kindness.

The new moon is a time for the positive attributes of shadows and revealing the unseen.  Instead of scary, this is a good thing.  Think of how scientists and astronomers will be descending en masse to places like Svalbard Norway to view this rare eclipse. Because the moon will block the rays of the sun from view,  the total eclipse will be a unique time for solar scientists to  study the sun’s corona and allow new discoveries to be made in a time when the blinding brilliance of our star is subdued.  Shadows, dreams, things unseen, emotions unexamined… these things can be really powerful and helpful!

Unfortunately,  most people won’t get to see the total black-out eclipse unless you’re fishing in the North Atlantic or hanging out in Norway. In parts of the UK and Scotland, as well as parts of Europe the eclipse will still be partly visible. Be careful though, never watch an eclipse directly! – Use a pin hole projector or colander.

And don’t forget to wear your lucky green (like the luna moths in the card!) for abundance and St. Paddy’s Day if that’s your thing!

About this deck: About this deck:    The  Victorian Fairy Tarot  by Lunaea Weatherstone and Gary Lippincott, published by Llewellyn,  is one of the most beautifully painted and illustrated tarot decks ever created.  Even if you’re not into “fairies” – this one is worth it just for the artwork