The Perfect Recipe, Card of the week, 3rd Feb 2014

card 2.3.2014.1


There’s a metaphorical party this week and you’re the figurative hostess.  (As if to highlight this, I got a 3 of cups, a card of celebration success and friendship  on a phone app I have for the day!)   What will that “party” entail for you?   Will you find yourself joining in, creating success, sharing your wisdom, experience and wit as you support other party-goers?   Or will you slide off into a corner mired by the coming Mercury retrograde communication blues, jumbled or misunderstood conversations, or  simply be so sensitive to incoming feelings and perceptions that you feel you need to bow out of the party early?   We may be feeling more sensitive and “otherworldly”, more attuned to what’s going on in our heads (our emotions or sensitivity to others) than what is taking place in the real world. It may be tough to figure out what’s what.    Luckily, this week’s card is here to help us out.

From the hilarious and profound “housewives tarot”  –

A feminine force to be reckoned with, the Empress is the earthly mother to housewives everywhere, and she spreads her wisdom of domesticity across the land. Symbolising your hidden potential, she is warm, comforting, perfectly poised and coiffed, with just a touch of authority to compliment her nurturing charm. She has tested each and every recipe herself in her own kitchen, and loves nothing more than sharing the tips and secrets of her success.  Follow her instructions carefully, and you’re on your way to domestic bliss.

There is a confident hostess in you after all!   She’s able to put those inner “voices”  and misgivings, affronts and taking-things-personally that might attend this time and put emotions into perspective.    Your perfectly coiffed, pearl-wearing inner Donna Reed knows how to handle anything that might come your way.  You’ve got the PERFECT recipe, even if you improvise.     There’s a reason you’re at this party and you have something special to share and you have something with which you can nurture others.  There is poise within you to set any hard feelings, turbulent emotions  or pettiness aside (who likes you, who doesn’t, who is gossiping about you, who isn’t, who gets it, who doesn’t)  and you can  call on your authority and charm.    What is it?   Whether this is a real party, a celebration with old friends or simply day-to-day life (the party we’re asked to join every day)  your PRESENCE is important.

So get out of that corner, put your apron on, whip up some salad encased in a pound of gelatin (as was the style in the 50s)  and make that strawberry cheese cake with pink icing.   You can do this, you’ve got the ingredients and you’ve got the know how.   Let your confidence take over now.

June Cleaver would be so proud of you!


About this deck:    The Housewives Tarot by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum is published by Quirk Publishing.   This is really a fun deck  which comes in a recipe  box style container with 78 cards and a great book.  The mobile version for Android and iPhone by is equally amazing and complete.      This writing, illustrating duo (graphic designers) have put together one of the cheekiest  odes to the Tarot, Mid-Century Modern and 50’s cultural kitsch ever!  You get unique spreads  (like the “Martini”)  and the deck even comes with vintage recipes.   Way gone, Daddy-o!

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