Friday Toon: Showing Love


Click on the photo to view larger.

This week’s cartoon illustration is about something we all feel from time to time;  the person we care about doesn’t care about us because they’re not demonstrating how they care in a way WE would, or in the way we think they should. That doesn’t mean that their caring is truly diminished though.  They may use different words to express love than you would, or  cook instead of writing epic, thoughtful emails, or  they may rub your back and listen instead of buying a gift, or the reverse could be true – they could buy you fancy plates instead of listening to a story you wanted to tell.  Sometimes it’s best to look at another person’s unique expression of love instead of our own.  Mom might be a hugger, sis might be a listener and our partner might like to mow the lawn for us.   Expressions of love of all kinds are often around us if we would choose to see outside our expectations and our own way of doing things.

Every week I do a new illustration or cartoon, so stay tuned!

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